Artists against 419 scams

By MrGaribaldi
Apr 5, 2004
  1. Just saw this story over at The Reg.

    It's about a site called "Artists against 419" which has catalogued 80+ sites which is used for scamming people.

    It has created a page which is loading up images hosted at these sites, and reloads every 2 minutes.

    This accounts for 410kb of files transferred. Not much, but since it happens every two minutes, it does rack up. And then considering most cheap hosting services only allows 1GB of transfers a month, it will cost the scammers quite a bit if enough people can be bothered.

    So check out the story and the site.
  2. komsomol

    komsomol TS Rookie

    You might want to know that "Artists against 419" have eventually launched their own board at forum_aa419_org. (For a reason unknown to me I'm not allowed to post a valid URL here. So just replace the _ characters with a dot and that's it.) There is also a discussion forum dedicated to the Mugu Marauder. Btw soon be a standalone java version will be released for portability across different platforms.
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