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Jan 20, 2006
  1. well it's been done, the eVGA 7800GTX graphix card, the 4GB ddr2 memory, the Asus P5ND2-SLI Mobo, the Pentium-D 840, the Audigy4 sound card, the 500W x-connect PSU and when it starts up either the just the chassis fan starts and nothing more or the the comp starts up and then totally dies. The 4-pin 12V mobo connection is unplugged and then plugged in, respectively for each scenario. What the heck do you guys think is wrong? When I first had it working, it had a biostar 945 series mobo and it worked ok, then one night in a drunken rage, I ripped out a 120gb hard drive that wasn't even attached (to put into another comp.) but needless to say I haven't gotten any results from just replacing the mobo. Maybe it's the PSU wires but I want to see other people think before buying something else.
  2. iss

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    DID yuo reformat th hard drive and reinstall windows or at least do a repair install of windows? or did you just slap in a new Mobo and hardware then expect it to boot with your old hard drive?
  3. drafttheworld

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    Well after I took out the 120gb hard drive I booted up the computer and it wouldn't read the hard drives that I had been using successfully (one serial 300gb maxtor and one IDE 300gb maxtor); it prompted that it couldn't read the disk drive so I tried booting from the Windows x64 installation cd that I orginally installed on the machine. When the windows cd was loading its initial files, before even prompting to reinstall or repair, the computer says there is a corrupted file on the cd, which doesn't make much sense to me because it installed perfectly the first time and hasn't experienced any trauma since. Figuring it was just a fluke, I tried booting from the cd a second time and it became as it is now, press the power button an initial jolt of life comes from the computer and then it dies, doesn't give any output to the monitor, doesn't even load the BIOS.
  4. drafttheworld

    drafttheworld TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Going with the suggestions to check the integrity of my hard drive, I plugged it into another one of my computers and it worked fine. So on to the next phase...
  5. iss

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    check your Xp 64 disk with a freeware app like CDCheck to see fi it does have errors ont he disk. just because you didnt have a problem the first time doesnt mean there isnt a problem with it now. ( especially if this is not a commercial disk but a burned one.
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    If your CPU is revisions B0, you'll need the latest BIOS. Though that makes it hard to do when you can't boot it :)
    After looking at the ASUS web site, it would appear your CPU and RAM are compatible with the board. It's always good to check. You might want to further verify your RAM though.

    As for the turning on briefly then off scenario. That could be heat. Double check that the heatsink is flat square on the CPU.

    The next step is the unplug everything but the bare essentials, PS/Mobo/CPU/RAM/Vid. If that doesn't work, remove the video, you aught to get some kind of beep error code. Remove the RAM, you aught to get beep code. If you get no beep codes, then the BIOS isn't doing it's job. The mobo may just be bad. Check the motherboard manual for any jumpers that might need to be set or unset to work with what you have.

    good luck
  7. drafttheworld

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    I was just checking and pondering on the Ram issue

    I was considering the same thing and after extensive personal time with both the user guide and ASUS website I am still left wondering about the compatibility of the Ram. I am running 4gb of ddr2 pc4200 RAM made by OCZ. The RAM physical characteristics are right on the money, but the manufacturer isn't the preferred Corsair type. These modules ran perfectly on my last mobo (biostar intel945 series) but I wonder if just being made by OCZ instead of Corsair is that big a problem. What do you think?
  8. Vigilante

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    If the RAM specs are on the money, it "should" work. Although I have seen cases where only a simple manufacturer has done this.
    You have 4gb? In what combo is that? 4 1gb or 2 2gb or what? Try booting up with a single stick or different combos.

    Keep in mind, though, that even if your RAM is no good for that board, the system should still turn ON and give you an error beep. Heck, the system should turn on, and stay on, even with NO RAM installed. So if it still doesn't turn on, and you still get no beep (your speaker is plugged in right?) then we are still looking at a mobo or CPU problem.

    It may be a pain to do, but try taking your parts completely out of the case. In very rare situations, the old mobo may have had a standoff where the new one doesn't have a hole, and thus the mobo could be getting shorted out in the case. Take it all out of the case and set it on a piece of cardboard (the original mobo box makes a good stand). Then try booting it up with just the CPU and power supply. We need that BIOS beep. Without a BIOS beep, you could have a dead mobo, or at least a dead BIOS. But make sure the little case speaker is plugged in to the right pins, as per the mobo manual. And you can use a flathead screwdriver to short the pins for the power switch.

    If the system turns on like this, outside the case with just PS/mobo/cpu, then add pieces one by one. If it keeps working, something in the case was the problem. If PS/mobo/CPU doesn't work, one of the 3 is bad.
  9. drafttheworld

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    Well without any ram modules the computer still gives me nothing except four beeps and then shuts off as compared to the previous one beep then shut off. There is a built-in power LED on the motherboard which stays lit when the power supply is on so I know its getting current. I'll try just booting the mobo/cpu/psu like you suggested but that is going to be tomorrows project, thanks. Oh yeah the ram config is 4-1gb modules because only one is just unamerican.
  10. Vigilante

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    Ah, you didn't say it gave you one beep then shut off.

    You definitely need to research those beep codes and see what they mean. Though with RAM and vid unplugged, the 4 beeps likely mean, "HEY, no RAM!". BUT, the 1 beep is the normal beep for "everything is A-OK!". You normally get one beep right after POST, then it goes to your boot device.

    Reset your BIOS, if you haven't already.
  11. drafttheworld

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    I finally stumbled upon the problem with the hardware. As it turns out the cpu fan wasn't fitting right and therefore caused some sort of problem with the motherboard. When I unhook all the pins except one for the fan the computer runs flawlessly, and I do dare say this machine rocks.
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