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ASrock k7vt2 - windows XP problems

By Darkholme
Jan 18, 2004
  1. Hey there

    I have recently bought a new:
    asrock k7vt2 mobo
    amd athlon 2000+ processor
    nvidia geforce4 graphics card

    adding them to my old hard drives...
    setting it all up, there didnt seem to be a problem except windows 2000 and windows xp wouldnt install, they both got stuck in the same place, and just seemed to crash.

    Windows 98 installed fine, and I was able to install the drivers that came with the hardware, and use programs etc
    But still, upgrading win98 with xp came up with errors
    winxp setup wasnt able to upload either mfc42.dll or Migisol.exe, after the warnings for both of them a warning came up saying that windows setup was unable to install windows and to call the microsoft help desk.
    exactly the same thing happened when I tried to install win2000

    does anybody have any ideas? because im stumped

  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    You should try to start from scratch again, installing XP straight away from the CD, even if it is "only" an upgrade-version. Make a 10GB partition for your OS and keep the rest of the HD for programs and Data. Reformat the HD thoroughly in NTFS (not the quick-format).
    If XP is an upgrade, at one time it will ask you for a previous OS like W98 or W2K and you will have to stick that original CD in for checking purposes only.

    Trying to install any older OS and then trying to upgrade always leaves a lot of old junk around.
  3. boz22755

    boz22755 TS Rookie

    i have had the same problem as has a friend of mine.
    For some reason this board won't allow windows to load if you are using two sticks of 256 sdram
    Just try taking one out...you will be amazed.
    I know of three occasions when this was the solution.
    The ram isn,t faulty either the board just wont allow yet you dont get any beep error message either to indicate ram problem
    I have no idea why it is this way,, it just is...try it.
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