asrock mobo and case wires

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I recently bought an asrock mobo and an amd cpu to replace my intel setup. I installed the mobo and the cpu and hooked everything up except for the wires for the case's front panel stuff. I don't really care about the sound and usb cables, but I do need to hook up the power and reset buttons but the wires are labeled differently than in the mobo manual. The manual says they should be plugged in in this order:
pled+ pled- pwrbtn# gnd
hdled+ hdled- gnd reset# dummy

but the case wires are in 4 different groups, and labeled: vcc, vcc1, vcc2, data+1, data-1, data+2, data-2, tpa-, tpa+, tpb-, tpb+, and gnd. Any idea which wires mean what? Any help is appreciated


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Ok, on your mobo, the pled is the power led, the light that indicates that the system is on, the hdled is the light that shows hard drive activity, the pwrbutn is the power on switch, and the gnd reset is your reset switch.

Ok, the case has odd names, but you can find out what each wire does by following the wire to where it goes. For example, if you follow a wire and it ends up at the power switch, then that wire would go on the pwrbutton headers on the board. The power button is likely the only button that "needs" to be connected to get it to work, and it doesn't really matter which way the two wires go on the mobo pins for pwrbutn. Do the same procedure for the other wires and you'll find the hd led, power led and reset switch cables, connect them accordingly. Led's do matter which way the wires are on the pins, as they have a + and -. You can probably assume if, for instance you find that two wires go to the hd ld, and the one wire is marked -, then connect it to the hdled- pin, and the other wire to the + pin.

Hope this helps.

The wires you list for the case are probaby usb and firewire connections, I think you should have other wires that connect to the power switch, because the ones you list, should go to the case's front usb and firewire(if your board has it) headers.


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You are trying to plug the USB cable into the panel conns.

Get the right cable ... the conns will correspond.


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I read the first post and i was just gonna reply about the fact that you are talking about the usb connector.
However, i do have something to add.
On your motherboard, to properly attach the wires to the right pins, first you can simply take a small flat screwdriver and touch what you think would be the 2 pins for your power on\off button. You only touch the 2 pins for a couple seconds and your power supply will turn off. Once you have found that then the others are easier to place. And you wont do any harm if you touch the screwdriver to the wrong pins, so its one easy way to find the first 2 pins.
You mentioned this already:
pled+ pled- pwrbtn# gnd
hdled+ hdled- gnd reset# dummy

so take the screwdriver and touch it agains the pwrbtn pins and if it turns on your power supply, you can hook the 2 wires for your power on\off case switch to these 2 pins and the rest will be easy to figure out. Someone already mentioned what each are for.
I have seen instances where sometimes you get some wires together and even have to cut them apart to fit them onto the corresponding pins on the motherboard, so dont be afraid to do that if you have to. This should also be spelled out in your manual. But often the manual and even the printing on the motherboard is hard to make out, lol.
Always either use an electrostatic bracelet or ground yourself to the case.
Also, your usb cables, starting with vcc etc, you should either find that info in your mobo manual or sometimes on a piece of paper that comes with either the mobo or even the case.
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