asrockk7s8xe+ help needed

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Oct 16, 2004
  1. what Amd cpu can i insert straight into motherboard without having to flash the bios the board revision number is 1.03v i dont know what the bios version is or what bios it is shiped with but on the bios chip the numbers 1.70_av are printed on it.
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    It is supposed to support all AthlonXPs up to the 3200+ so it should also support all Durons & Semprons (except the 3100+ Sempron which is a Socket-754 CPU).
  3. bones

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    asrock k7s8xe+

    thanks for reply. Im thinking of putting in a 2600+ athlon xp but unsure that what ever bios it comes shipped with will need to be flashed as i want to aviod that unless i have to, as i dont know of any other method of reading the bios other than when the system is booting up and thats my real problem as i dont have a cpu as i dont know which one to on the asrock web site it says to run the xp chips its quoting 2600+ will work with k7s8xe no plus (+) on the end of it revision 1.09 where mines the revision 1.03 i have even tried phoning around locally but passed from dept to dept.or am i being paranoid :knock:
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    AMD CPU Support list for ASRock K7S8XE+

    It would seem you need a revision 1.09 board to support any of the Semprons but on the other hand, all AthlonXPs up to the 3200+ are supported with board revisions prior to 1.09. That's all I could gather from that page. :unch:
  5. bones

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    thanks for your help hope to return it one day.
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