assigning a drive letter in windows 2000 problems

By auto7890
Mar 30, 2007
  1. I have win 2000 and having problems with external drives, c is replaced with an F: and the extended partition is not seen, which is normally D:
    I deleted all the dos devices someone suggested, but
    Im not sure about the exporting thingy. So I didnt


    I could not find

    are we suppose create this folder in regedit or is it just
    that win 2000 does not have this ?
    Anyhow my PC now recognises D: which it replaced with an Acer Data: volume name, which is correct,
    but I now get runtime error windows opening up when I start windows, they clear up after I click OK, but which there was a way they would not come up.
    If you know please let me know.
    Also I assume Microsoft got rid of this bug in their Vista windows, if not then they are slack.
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