Asterix and Tintin in fight?


Who would win in a fight between Asterix and Tintin?

  1. Asterix without help.

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  2. Tintin without help.

  3. Asterix, but only by cheating (magic-potion type cheating).

  4. Tintin, but only if Snowy is involved.

By balzi · 5 replies
Dec 19, 2005
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  1. I think tintin would win without Snowy or magic potion - because Asterix would be so used to having magic potion he would try an upper-cut and Tintin would not even flinch, cause he's survived ship-wrecks, plane-crashes and stuff.
  2. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Posts: 327

    Asterix and Tintin are known that much in the world? I thought that only people talking French language(Including me), knew them.
  3. balzi

    balzi TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    yeah.. we love em over here in Australia.. I think they were all translated.. though there could be an odd title that was French only. what I was always amazed at is the way the English translators could keep things like names so hilarious in the Asterix comics.

    what are the names of these characters in French.. (assuming you can recognise the English names).

    back on topic.. looks like my post on my favourite comics of all time, is not something most people know about. Maybe in the US they're not so popular.

  4. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Posts: 327

    Asterix and Obelix have the same names but not the others.

    The names are made the same but with French words.
  5. balzi

    balzi TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Dogmatix -- Obelix's dog.. little black and white one, loves trees.
    Vitalstatistix -- the chief of the village.
    Unhygenix - the fishmonger.. the guy selling fish.. #1 starter of fights.
    Fulliautomatix - the blacksmith.. #2 starter of fights.
    Geriatrix - the old guy with the unnaturally good-looking (for a cartoon) wife.
    Getafix - the druid who mixes the potions and stuff.
    Cacofonix - the bard who can't sing.. occasionally stops fights when everyone suddenly agrees on something - Cacofonix should stop singing.

    what are the French names.. are they in hte same vein, ie. a clever play on appropriate words??

  6. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Posts: 327

    Asterix - Astérix
    Obelix - Obélix
    Dogmatix - Idéfix
    Vitalstatistix - Abraracourcix
    Unhygenix - Ordralfabetix
    Fulliautomatix - Cetautomatix
    Geriatrix - Agecanonix
    Getafix - Panoramix
    Cacofonix - Assurancetourix


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