asus A7a266e boot up problems

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Oct 23, 2005
  1. I have just built a PC using old asus A7a266e m/b complete with old athlon xp1800 processor and heatsink, 512 meg ddr ram. All other components are new: case including 350 watt psu; HIS 9250 ati radeon agp graphics card, dvd rom, cdr rewriter, seagate barracuda 80 gig drive, misumi floppy drive with card reader slots. Additionally I have installed an old internal zip drive. When assembled according to manual, system powers up, all drives, fans and system light on board displayed...but no boot uo sequence, no beep or vga output to screen eizo lcd in vga mode). I initially thought it was a grapghics card issue but removed and installed in old compaq E desktop and windows xp professional had no problem installing the controller so card ok. Is this a cmos issue. I had removed cmos battery overnight and reinserted to no avail. All jumpers are set to off as per m/b manual as not using jumpers to clock processor. I have removed board, checked for cracks (there are none) and reassembled removing non existing hardware (cd rewriter, dvd rom, floppy disc and internal zip drive as well as installed LAN card and cheap pci sound card). Still nothing. Had read somewhere that it might be CMOS proplem and should short it across battery terminals but not sure if this is wise. Is this a MOBO or cpu issue. Ram reuinstalled and correctly fitted. Any help gratefully received...
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    First off i would replace that CMOS battery...part # CR2032. Remove the one in ther now which will give the CMOS plenty of time to clear and re-set.

    Second get yourself a desktop rubber mat to bench test.
    Out of the case assemble the following only on the MBoard
    Vid card.

    Boot it up and see if you get any beeps...if it boots properly then add one component at a time until you find the culprit, it could be anything. I would add the rest in this order.
    Zip drive

    It's also possible it's missing one of the standoffs. These belong between the MBoard and the case.

    Let us know.
    p.s. i suggest a grounding wrist strap for this procedure.

    patio. :cool:
  3. chriscullen_uk

    chriscullen_uk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for this. Will try test options as you describe. Many thanks Chris
  4. chriscullen_uk

    chriscullen_uk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the advice; ive done as you suggested. Newbattery to replace old. Took PC apart and assembled cpu on mobo, video card and memory. Boted up, no beeps, just power to mother board. Replaced mobo in PC ensuring correct use of standoffs (no standoffs used where no screw hole in mobo). Even replaced video card with old compaq version (agp slot), rebooted.....nothing. Benchtesting seems to suggest presumably mobo, cpu or faulty memory. Is there something obvious Ive missed. I now suspect knackered board and intend now to replace it with asrock K7VT4A Pro which seems cheap enough.
  5. patio

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    Well i commend you for following through and since with the bare minimum it would not POST we now know it is one of three things...

    RAM -can be tested with MemTest.
    CPU - possibly can be tested in another MBoard.
    MBoard - There are some shops that say they can test them but you would have to check in your area.

    After re-reading your original post one thing that jumps out is "an Old Asus"
    MBoard. Do some pricing i imagine you might be able to find a MBoard for that chip for not a lotta out of pocket money.
    If you are able to test the CPU beforehand in a similiar board that would be wise also.

    Good Hunting.

    patio. :cool:
  6. chriscullen_uk

    chriscullen_uk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dodgy board

    Well managed to resolve it in the end; no problem with processor or memory but down to a dodgy board.Purchased an asus terminator barebones system which included a micro atx board, fitted processor, heatsink, fan and memory from old board, fitted optical drives and hard drive etc, booted up with no problems at many thanks for help. Chris
  7. patio

    patio TS Guru Posts: 482

    Glad to hear you got it sorted...and Congrats on the new MBoard.

    patio. :cool:
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