Asus A7N8X-E DL cold start prob

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I've got a cold start problem with a new Asus A7n8X-E board and Corsair Twin X512 3200LL (running dual).

I've been having to clear CMOS or BIOS to get the thing to post and boot from cold since day one, (or pull a stick of memory and put it back! or not as the case may be) - Switching off, or unplugging power and back on doesn't help. I have flashed Bios from supplied ver. 1008 to ver. 1011 to see if it would help. It didn't.

If computer's 'warm' it posts and boots, from fully off or re-starts ok, but if stupid voice post is enabled, it tells me system 'failed due to overclocking' and then continues to boot (even though I'm not overclocking! but I will when I get this sorted).

Turn it off overnight or for two or three hours and it won't post and boot. At all. Fans turn, Led's work, HDD turns but no post and boot. Clear CMOS, if clearing BIOS with jumper doesn't work, and away we go again.

So I've disabled Voice Post Ha Ha!. Looking at other threads, last night on other forum, I've adjusted frequency to match at 100%, set DDR voltage to 2.7v and set mem timings to 2.5T,3,3,6, and increased AGP voltage to 1.6v (Ram Guy). two days ago the sytem started at the third push of the on button. Although I didn't expect it start at all I must admit. Today it was back to normal, not posting or booting.

Is there anything else I can do to give me confidence and stop clearing the CMOS or BIOS or pulling memory.

I might add the sytem is stable, fine, temps good, in fact all absolutely great when it is working. It's purely this post and boot problem. Ran M emtest 86 -faultless, ran SiSoft Sandra tests all fine! It's a new case, but only mid range with PSU included, 400watt, but I'm not sure of it's quality. So I think that's my next change. Anybody think the mobo might be at fault. I'm suspicious of Corsair compatability too.


AMD XP2500+ Barton
Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12 (very noisy fan!!)
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (bios 1011)
Asus Radeon 9600XT
Corsair TwinX 512 3200LL
Seagate 80gb
Liteon CDRW
Liteon DVD Rom


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Seems very simular to the problems I have been having. PC runs fine once started, but is a pig to post and boot i=f the power is switched off at the socket. Have found that leaving power connected to PSU when PC is shut down seems to work. Now asuming that this relatively new 400W dual fan PSU of mine is not providing the start power when cold and needs a little warming to get it going??


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Sounds like the BIOS is corrupting when you power off. Is this PC on a surge protector or battery backup? If you're using a switched walljack for your PC power you may want to try a different outlet and verify that your outlet is properly grounded.


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i have the same problem only mine is an epox mobo and its beyond a joke now usually it toook 15mins b4 it booted noe its more like 6 hrs and i have lost my rag almost its a pain to leave it on 24/7 but i have to as i need my cvomp for work and have nearly lost my job through work being late etc

i have treid diff power supplys hard disks gc's so it must be the mobo cpu or ram

atm i don't have the money to change anything i spent it all on this computer

really need help any ideas ?

also will its just sitting ther waiting to boot i can't open my dvd drive its hung until it boots which today i don't think it will . pls help


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i have also noticed that my cpu is stone cold i took the fan off and the cpu is as cold as ice its really annoying me now and also kicking the cases don't help

i have treid taking out ram and changing slots nothing helps i have reset the bios took out the battery etc nothing helps and as i leave it on most of the time 6 months has passed so komplette don't want to know of my problems could it be a jumper setting ?
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