Asus A7V-133 -vs- A7A-266 ?

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Mar 8, 2002
  1. Asus a7a 133


    I just purchased an A7A 133. What are the main differences between a7a133 and a7a266? One difference is the use of DDR memory. But what else?

    What exactly is FSB?

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    Hello..FSB is front side bus. This is the bus speed of the memory. There is obviously going to be a speed increase with the A7A266 board over the A7A133. That is pretty much it. DDR is going to be the way of the future so I guess your fighting obsolescense with the A7A266.
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    I think you mean the A7V133 ( V = VIA ) based on the KT133a chipset. It's basiclly a KT133 with added 133mhz Athlon FSB support. It still uses PC133 SDram.

    The A7A266 ( A = Ali ) is based on the Ali Magik which supports SDRam & DDRam ( DDR works better of course ). Here's a review of it -> ASUS A7A266 - ALi Review. There's a new revision of this chipset which places it near the KT266a in terms of performance.

    In case you were refering to the A7V266 ( Via KT266 ) or A7V266-E ( Via KT266a the one I have :grinthumb ). They only support DDRam.

    If you're looking forward to an upgrade, I highly suggest you take a KT266a based mainboard. The KT333 ones are coming out thus making the KT266a ones a bit cheaper. The KT333 probably won't be taking off until the Athlon upgrades to a 166 FSB.

    Here's a some more reviews :

    ASUS' KT266A Mainboard Review

    VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup @ Anandtech
  4. svtcobra

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    I thought there was something wrong with the A7A thing...Didou is correct. If you want to get the latest and greatest go with a KT266a based board. They are the fastest yet. MSI seems to have a very good model with the K7T266a.
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