ASUS A8N-E random restart BSOD - BIOS ROM checksum error

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Jan 6, 2006
  1. hi,
    need some help...


    ASUS A8N-E mobo (nforce 4)
    amd 64 3000+ (1.8 ghz)
    300 gb SATA seagate
    1gb ddr Hynix (inserted in the 3rd slot as shown in manual)
    BIG 6600 (256mb)nvidia graphics card
    Bios version 1006
    sony dvd writer

    Installed software:

    . win xp (sp2)
    . chipset driver ver. 665
    . sound drivers (realtek ac'97 (al850))
    . amd 64 cool and quiet software
    . asus ai booster

    i have not loaded the network/firewall drivers cause i dont need them now.
    (new at this so if i need to post anything else please let me know)

    anyway, bought all this just recently and assembled the pc.... worked fine for a few days then started restarting at random times... sometimes while playing game (doom 3, thief) or while doing normal stuff...(showed BSOD) and then after restert just does all the start up checks and again BSOD. then if i manully restart shows it takes a little longer to start up then before the windows logo screen with the bar can appear... it says i need to load required dll or kernel

    then when i restart it says...

    Awards Bios BootBlock ver. ....
    copyright 2000

    Bios Rom Checksum error

    please insert cd rom ....


    i also tried to insert the mobo cd that came with package to reload the bios but just ssays loading awdflash.exe and then nothing.
    after which if i restart it keeps returning to the same screen (bios rom checksum error).

    i have already replaced the memory stick and the power supply (mobo technician suggested the changing of the power supply) and thought that was the problem... but problem still persists. please help
  2. ileisl

    ileisl TS Rookie

    Sigh... I have almost the exact same problem, same motherboard... but my bios won't even load now, it just a blank screen when the computer starts... any help out there?
  3. psyck0

    psyck0 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    recently i have been able to use it when i first start-up for about 1-2 hrs (sometimes more) before it restarts and then the same thing as u mentioned - blank screen when the computer starts .. .
  4. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    Usually check sum is BIOS setting related. Have you tried opening up the BIOS and hitting F5 to reset the BIOS to safe set-up settings? The fact that it runs for awhile and then has no video signal after it crashes and reboots, sounds like you may be having a heat issue with the video card. ASUS has a very thorough but complex set of video settings, that can be user unfriendly to new users. Go to this web site and look up each BIOS setting, and see what is recommended.

    BIOS Optimization Guide
  5. jayesh

    jayesh TS Rookie

    couple of things you can check..

    1) check the bios version... i had a few probs with 1005 updated to v 10008 and its working well on the same board

    2) heat dissapation ... got into the bios and see what is avg cpu temperature hovering at.... u may have insufficent cooling
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