Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe beeping at me

By ChrisN
Nov 7, 2005
  1. Hi everyone, hopefully one of you has seen this before and can confirm what I suspect is happening.

    I built this system earlier this year, no expense spared, SLI system with AMD FX-55, dual nvidia 6800 Ultras, etc. It was running like a top, if a bit hot but nothing outside of expected heat ranges.

    One day it turns on, and I'm playing games. The very next day, all it does is beep at me. One long beep, repeated indefinitely. This does not seem to be a POST beep. There is no voice telling me the problem. There is no option to get into BIOS. There is no display. Everything powers up, all fans operational, just the beep.

    I have removed every component except for the CPU and it still beeps at me. I'm going to remove the CPU and reset the BIOS today, but honestly I expect the same results.

    Is the mobo fried? Should I just purchase a replacement?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Masque

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    Check the fan on your heat sink and the thermal paste between the hsf and processor. Also, check the power supply for proper voltage.
  3. ChrisN

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    Just to follow up on this. Apparently, the award bios on this mobo does a pre-post check for RAM. The RAM modules in my system had come loose and reseating them solved the problem. Of course, removing the memory and all the other components naturally resulted in the same beep code which I interpretted as much more serious problems.

    Thanks to the guy at ASUS tech support for easily solving this and sitting on the phone with me while I plugged the memory back in. I feel kind of stupid for not reseating them myself, but since the system behaved identically after removing them it didn't occur to me.
  4. Rick

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    From experience, repeated beeping is usually indicative of failing memory.

    The memory may be failing because it is bad, not seated properly or because of a board problem.

    First, reseat the memory. Second, try each module at a time (if you have two or more modules). Next, try placing the modules in a different DIMM slot. To make sure your FSB is not somehow cranked up too high, reset the CMOS with the CMOS clear jumper. If nothing else works, then see if you can swap out your memory with a known working module.

    Beyond that, you may be dealing with a board issue.
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