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asus a8n-SLI premium bios update

By wheaties1187
Nov 19, 2005
  1. i have this new board coming in, which as far as i can tell is a great board, AFTER an updated bios and chipset drivers. i heard that this board comes with software that allows users to update through windows and i was wondering if anybody has this board or is familiar with it.

    so i went to asus' site but could not really find any info on flashing the bios. i want to make sure i know the standard procedure for doing so just in case. what ive learned so far is that (1) i need a bootable disk with a (2) flash executive and (3) the new bios on it [plus an optional (4) .bat file for automatic flashing]. i go to bios and set it so that it will boot from the disk and not the HD on the next reboot. does this sound about right? and if so, does anyone know which flash executive i should use and where to download it from? and as a side note i was planning on using a bootable image CD (burned with nero). if that doesnt work ill just have to get a cable for my old floppy drive.

    i have not flashed the bios before, but if it somehow went wrong, would using mobo jumpers to clear the CMOS work to get it back to the original bios or would a failed flash also screw up the CMOS?

    as far as the chipset drivers i have not done it before but im assuming i just download and install no problem (since i already know which driver version i need for this board).

    sorry i know its a lot of questions at the same time but i want to make sure i dont kill my new board. Thanx guys :)

    If all goes well, my new sys specs will be:
    asus a8n-sli premium
    3700+ san diego
    1.5G corsairXMS pc3200
    bfg tech 7800GT
    40G seagate HD for new system and fresh winxp install
    120G seagate HD with all my old files

    can't wait to get this thing up and running. thanx again for any advice on the bios questions
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    Asus boards do come with a windows based bios flasher, but on my board it has never worked for me. It ALWAYS says there are no updates available when I know there are. Could be a firewall issue but I just give up and do it manually.

    Here is a great, comprehensive article on bios flashing:

    By the way, we have almost the exact same system. You're gonna love it once you get it up and running!
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