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ASUS A8R-MVP Bios tweaks??????? Please Help!

By jcardia
Dec 29, 2006
  1. Hello, I need help obviosuly :) My problem lies with my MoBo or OS, not sure. The problems started when I tried to install (2) 1Gb Sticks of RAM to make it (4) 1Gb Sticks, a total of 4GB. The RAM is all G.Skill DDR500 and I was running 2Gb of this RAM for a long time w/o any problems. I do know that the MoBo is rated for DDR400 but I was told that this RAM is backwards compatible and therefore thats why it works. When I first booted up after the install of the additional 2 sticks the computer would not allow me to login at the login screen where you type in the admin password. it would log-in and immediately log out again and that was the end of that. I tried several suggestions from other techies on these forums to no avail. I ended up formatting and re-loading the OS onto the same partion of HD. Now I'm back up and running smoothly (except for instability, AKA blue screen, reboots randomly) I associate this with RAM/BIOS settings.

    My MoBo is an ASUS A8R-MVP with the latest drivers. This Mobo based on reviews, sucks in general, I only wish I knew prior to buying. Anyways, running dual GPUs and I'm a pro gamer so I want all 4 GB of RAM working properly and they are causing system instability and I cannot tweak anything in the overclocking dept. until I get this resolved. It registers 2.96Gb under hardware profile and in BIOS when all four slots are populated. Someone from another area of these forums suggested it might be an OS related issue; I'm running XP pro SP2 and it is up to date (drivers ect.)as far as I know. The rest of my computer specs should be in my profile. If anyone knows this BIOS can they suggest settings for me as far as voltages to keep things at and other settings. This BIOS seems to be quite tweakable and is marketed towards overclockers (even though all the reviews say otherwise) so please help me diagnose/sole my issue. I cannot afford to have my computer running all unstable when gaming ect.

    Thanks in advance. Please ask any further question you might need. Sorry for allthe tangents and random info. My minds running on overdrive trying to multi-task. :monkey:
  2. falamkin

    falamkin TS Rookie

    some motherboards only support up to 3gb of ram, despite having 4 slots
  3. chuck4456

    chuck4456 TS Rookie Posts: 37

    XP's not recognizing the extra. Common problem. What does your BIOS state exactly?
  4. jcardia

    jcardia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No this board def. will recognize up to 4GB but I think it is an OS thing like Chuck said. the MoBo manual (Asus A8R-MVP/ ami Bios) said it might be the OS restricting it. I might need XP x64 edition in order for it to recognize the full 4 GB. Does this sound right?
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