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Asus Ati Radeon 9250_128mb Tv Out Problem

By DaddyCool
Jul 7, 2006
  1. hi guys, I have just removed my Nvidia older graphics card with S/video out...also uninstalled all drivers and setup programs for that card...the reason was that I could not set the TV out for my region...Australia...
    have now installed a new Asus ATI radeon A9250 card with TV out and whilst it has the option to set the region it does not work per se...I can set the second monitor which is a brand new TV to the right region but it will not work, just no picture at all...if I set the second monitor to stretch Windows desktop I get a picture of an enlarged desktop...
    My old Nvidia card was set for the 2nd monitor to 256 colours and 640x480 pixels, which worked... my new A9250 card is set for 16 or 32 bit high colour and is to high for my TV set..unfortunately I cannot set to 256 colour...
    I am assuming that the region area is not working properly...
    I have installed and uninstalled the card several times now and it is getting the better of me...
    so I am asking for a bit of help here, please...
    any ideas, anybody...
  2. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    I assume you have updated all your drivers?


  3. DaddyCool

    DaddyCool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Asus ATI Radeon A9250

    Hi Korrupt,
    thanks 4 the reply...as the card is brand new I would assume that the driver CD would be as up todate as possible...I cannot get broadband where I live and to update a very large file takes forever...so as I own several computers I am going to take the card out and place it into another computer, and see if it works any better then my new computer...I have 2 different Nvidia graphics cards that work without a hassle, but as 2 of my computers are new, I thought it best to update the cards...starting with the Asus ATI A9250...which is giving me all the problems...
    p.s I will go to my son's office and use his broadband to get updated drivers if they are available...
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