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May 13, 2003
  1. My HP9680c wont boot. The beep is saying theres a memory problem, either its missing or unseated, so I switched the ram around with known good ram, and it's still giving the same code. Is the beep code fool proof, whats the next step?
  2. Rick

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    The beep code is pretty accurate - I've never known it to be wrong - But just like everyting dealing with computers, it is not 100% certain. :)

    What I think is happening here is your memory is probably bad, but your replacement memory is not compatible with your HP. So it appears to be a problem other than memory, but in all likelyhood is.

    Just because you switch the RAM with "known good RAM", it does not necessarily mean it will work. Computers are SO picky, there are many variables to be accounted for. This is VERY true for HP systems. There's been plenty of times I've tried good quality, name-brand memory and it hasn't worked properly in HP, Gateway or Compaq computers.

    The things you need to take in account with your replacement memory is that it meets the following requirements to work on your system:

    1.) PC-100Mhz
    2.) Must NOT be double density! Many newer memories (especially larger modules) are DD. These will often not work in "older" systems such as yours. You may be able to check your replacement memory's compatibility with your system by looking up the model number of the memory and your computer on .
    3.) Name brands are highly recommended. Generic memory has poor compatibility and HP/Compaq ESPECIALLY have a hard time accepting 3rd party memory.

    If memory is not to blame here, it means your motherboard is damaged in some way (DIMMs are bad, for example). This is very unlikely unless you physically damaged your board somehow.

    There's also that very small chance the error beep is bad or perhaps you are misinterpreting the beeps.
  3. Tarkus

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    The beep codes are based on the BIOS maker. Google for both Phoenix BIOS beep code and Award BIOS beep code. It's been years since I last had to look them up. You'll find some interesting info about the beep codes. One of them has a default beep that I think is the the same as the RAM error beep on the other.
  4. frizzo

    frizzo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'll go check on ram compatability, the test ram was a compaq piece. The previous owner could only power it down by unplugging it. I think this happened more than a few times before it died, which can't be good. Is there a good chance that would cause the motherboard to fail?
  5. frizzo

    frizzo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Not having any other ram to test with, if the ram from the hp works in another machine, is this enough to draw a conclusion about the mobo?
  6. Rick

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    I do not think so, not unless you can verify that RAM works specifically with your model of computer online.
  7. frizzo

    frizzo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    What I mean to say is, if the ram from the broken machine works fine on another, should I be looking at the mobo as the source of the problem?
  8. MrGaribaldi

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    Yes, if it works like a charm on another machine you'll know it's not at fault..

    I'd recommend testing it using DocMemory which is a very good tester, and best of all, it's free :)

    All you'll need is a floppy disk you can format...
    Run the program, it'll format the disk and copy all the files needed.

    Restart and boot from the disk, and choose "run (or test) once"...

    It's very thorough, so it'll take some time though...
  9. frizzo

    frizzo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you guys for your time and knowledge, much appreciated. But now the fastest machine in the house (not mine....) was victim of some sort of electrical shock, so this problem has been placed on the back burner for now. "problems don't come in 3's, problems don't come in 3's" Thanks again.
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