ASUS Extreme AX1950Pro review

Julio Franco

TechSpot Editor
Staff member
Better late than never they say. Ever since Nvidia launched the GeForce 7 series ATI has been playing catch up, and it wasn't until late this year that they finally caught up. The new Radeon X1950 Pro is a reasonably powerful alternative that is designed to compete with the GeForce 7900GS in the $200 price bracket. The good news is, the Radeon X1950 Pro is faster, if only by a small margin, but faster. Today we will be taking a close look to the ASUS Extreme AX1950Pro which is an actual retail product that strays somewhat from the typical ATI reference design.

There are many ways in which manufacturers can add more value to their particular graphics card offerings. The ASUS Extreme AX1950Pro is a serious Radeon X1950 Pro contender, offering slightly overclocked core and memory frequencies along with an improved cooling solution.

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