ASUS Geforce 6800GT problems

By Makoeyes21
Dec 30, 2006
  1. Last February I bought an ASUS 6800GT as my GPU for my new comp. I bought every piece new from newegg. GPU and comp ran perfectly for around 6-7 months. About 2-3 months ago while playing World of Warcraft I noticed black lines and shapes appearing on my screen, my GPU core temps which average from 68-80c while gaming were at a shocking 135-145c and of course this was the reason for the graphical errors. After cleaning the heat sync of the card EVERYTHING was back to normal. Was gaming at around 65-75c now and around 62c idle at desktop. This morning I was receiving similar numbers, then I installed Nero to burn a dvd. I burned the dvd and shut my comp off for about an hour. I went back to playing WoW and noticed those black lines again. I knew immedietly it wasnt a dirty GC, but I decided to check and clean it again. I was right, it was very clean. I turned the comp back on and now noticed that the GPU fan was sporadically spinning... I checked the hardware and left my case open on my table and let the GPU just run for a while not hooked to the monitor. After a few minutes it started spinning without interuption albeit a little slow...

    I hooked the comp back up and for some reason it is once again overheating. Simply sitting at my desktops heats my GC to 80-82c. When I try to game it takes no more than 3 minutes to exceed 100c, and no more than 10 minutes to 125c+

    I honestly think that the card itself is damaged. I just dont understand how it can work perfectly, and then after shutting it off for an hour be damaged beyond use...

    NOTE: It seems that every time I reboot the comp the fan goes through about 5 minutes of stop and go spinning. If I shut the monitor off and let the GPU run for about a minute the fan starts its endless spinning. Either way it seems the fan is spinning slower than normal.

    Any input would be great, thanks (sorry for spam)
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    it does seem like the cooler is bad, but the card may very well turn out to be damaged. is it still under warranty?
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    Okay, I have had alot of CMOS problems with my ASUS Crosshair mb, but ASUS is a great company. Try calling them, and they should be able to help you out with the chip. As for the chip itsself, it may be bad, but i would suggest a new coolant. Go with any type of Ceramic Epoxy.. I was suggested this by a friend before for my AMD chip and that usually does it for the heat. Still, call ASUS before you do anything because you dont want to spend the money on coolant if youre going to send a card back.
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