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ASUS introduces the highly-anticipated Eee PC mobile internet gadget

By Jos
Oct 16, 2007
  1. FREMONT, CA - October 16, 2007--- ASUS Taiwan today officially introduced the ultra-portable Eee PC which is designed to revolutionize the end-user experience when it comes to mobility, simplicity and style. The name Eee PC derives from the concept of easy to work, easy to learn and easy to play. The ultra portable weights 2.03lbs and simplifies the application interface with one-click graphic intuitive design.

    The Eee PC is a 7-inch gadget designed for first-time mobile internet gadget users including young students, children, housewives, the elderly, individual stock investors, and anyone who enjoys mobility as a part of their web surfing experience.


    Application and Usage

    • Internet: As easy to operate as any electrical appliance like a toaster or a microwave, connecting to the Internet with the Eee PC is simple. The one-click graphic intuitive interface will assist users in accomplishing tasks such as connecting with friends and families via email, video conferencing, live messaging and making low-cost long distance calls via the web. Users can also create, access and share files (pictures, documents, video…etc) online.
    • Work: The Open Office software suite enables its users to open, edit and create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and databases that are compatible with Microsoft Office. Feature software like the dictionary comes in handy when reading online.
    • Learn: Young students will find the Eee PC to be a great learning gadget. Not only is it the key to the wide range of educational resources on the Internet, its compact size and weight will fit easily into overstuffed backpacks.
    • Play: The Eee PC is the personal gadget to allow its uses to entertain themselves anywhere and anytime. From pictures and movies to music and video games, the EeePC is a one-stop entertainment source in an ultra compact form-factor.

    Availability: Eee PC is scheduled to be available in the North America within a few weeks. The Eee PC comes in three different models starting from $299 to $399. The price variation is adjusted by storage capacity, memory and built-in webcam. Every model is equipped with 3 USB ports which allow external storage and expansion.
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