ASUS K8V SE De Luxe MOBO: BIOS-upgrade problem!

By oeksen37
Jan 28, 2005
  1. For reasons I don't understand I had problems installing and activating the feature "Cool n' Quiet" - also it appeared now and then difficult to enter the BIOS setup to enter the necessary adjustments of this feature. I then decided to upgrade to the new BIOS (1005sd.Rom). First I did it by means of the flash method - it failed, but then I tried it the old fashoned way, by means of AFUDOS. Apparently It went fine, and I was asked to do the usual reboot. When doing that I end up in the "American Megatrends" splash screen, saying:

    CMOS Checksum bad
    Press F 1 to run Setup
    Press F 2 to load default values and continue

    however, to press neither of the two gives no result whatsoever.

    How should one reset the BIOS - "delete" is without effect also when normally trying to enter the BIOS setup function. The manual does not say anything in this regard. There is probably a combinations of letters that can reset the BIOS?? Also I would be pleased to know how others manage to upgrade the BIOS without these problems.

    MB details: Socket 754. VIA K8T800. DDR 400
    ASUS Athlon 64

    Thanks for any piece of advice. Oeksen37+
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