asus k8v se deluxe sata difficulties

By seif101
Dec 23, 2006
  1. I cant seem to install WindowsXP Pro on a single SATA hard drive as Windows does not see any hard drives connected. There have been others with the exact same problem in this forum and in all the cases the problem was missing drivers. So I tried that for both the Promise and VIA SATA controllers (used the correct sata ports for each controller when testing). I loaded in every driver I could find in many websites (ASUS, Promise, etc). Now this is where my problem is different from others I read.

    There were 2 sets of drivers (1 for promise, 1 for VIA) that did not give me the "Windows can not find and hard drives" screen. Instead I got into the Recovery Console. I didnt select the recovery console, instead after loading in the drivers from the floppy it just went there on its own. I thought I would be able to format my drive from this screen but the only devices it could find (with the MAP command) are the floppy drive and cd drive. Am I still having the same problem as before? Why did these drivers act differently? Is there anything else I can do in the recovery console? I was thinking I might have found the right drivers with these two but some other setting may be wrong.

    Update: Forgot to mention the bios detects the drive fine when its plugged into any of the ports sata ports

    Drivers that acted differently:
    VIA VT6420 (VT8237) SATA RAID Driver Package Version 2.20D WHQL
    Promise SATA378 Driver V1.00.0.26

    Any ideas would be really helpful as I'm fresh out.

    -ASUS K8V SE Deluxe
    -320 gb Seagate 7200.10
    -AMD 64 +3400
  2. Tedster

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    you may need a BIOS update and/or a windows patch.
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