Asus Laptop needs drivers?

By ospreybp
Dec 3, 2005
  1. Hi all, New to this forum and a bit of a 'techno-dummy' so please excuse ***** statements when I make them, as I'm am sure I probably will.

    Have aquired a 2nd user Asus M2400A laptop and cannot find all it's specs.

    It had been wiped clean before I got it and I have installed XP Pro & all updates for that are completed.

    It does not go through the normal dos menu on startup so cannot tell what the bios version is from that, nor can I tell what graphics card it has.

    Belarc Advisor report shows Bios: Award Software, Inc. 0205 08/21/2002, (the latest version on Asus site is 0205 so am I correct in thinking I have the most up-to-date bios?)

    The Belarc report also has 'None detected' under the Display heading? (Loaded a couple of games to see if graphics are ok and some things were missing (texture, colour etc.) were missing on the screen.)

    There are a load of updates for drivers on the Asus site but I really am not sure which to download and install and which not to.

    I have posted to the forum on their site but not many posts there get responses and am more hopeful here. :)

    Thanks for reading this and any help is really appreciated.
  2. ospreybp

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    Appealing for help with this

    Hello again,

    PLEASE could someone come in with a couple answers/suggestions?

    I really would like to get this laptop running as it should.

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