ASUS m2n4-sli

By straytalk
Apr 20, 2007
  1. I am building a computer for a friend and run into a few snags and I'm looking for a bit of help with some troubleshooting to figure out the exact component that is faulty.

    Here's the problem(s):
    When trying to install the wonderful OS we encounter various errors, glitches, and various other crap. Some times I'll get a page fault occurred on non-paged area (or something to that effect), sometimes it'll randomly freeze when copying over certain files, and other times the initial copy will go fine yet when it reboots its as if nothing was copied and I'm given a wonderful NTLDR is missing press alt+ctrl+del to reboot. Another thing to note is I have installed 2 1gig sticks of ram however the computer beeps angrily at me if i have it set into the proper slots to harness the dual channel slots, they have to be in separate channels. And sometimes on boot it will let out this "cry" for a lack of a better word, its an unending beep at a very loud volume, however I havent gotten this "beep" if you can call it that recently after fiddling around inside.

    What I've done so far:
    I've been swapping out a lot of components with some spares I have laying around my room, I've swapped out and tried about 5 different HDDs including ones i know full well work, I've tried using 3 different copies of XP including a copy of pro, tried windows 2000, and for the hell of it I tried Fedora Core 6 all had various install issues. I tried at one point a HDD with windows already installed however this didn't immediately work, it reboots during the point where windows loads. Ive swapped out cables and replaced those for the hell of it, double checked jumpers on the DVD-roms and ATA HDDs Ive used. I've done a CMOS reset. I've swapped out a graphics card for kicks. However since I told him to buy a socket AM2 mobo I don't have any other 240 pin ram to try or a CPU as I'm on the socket 939...

    I'm fairly positive it's obviously a hardware issue but if you folks can think of some glaring issue that could potentially cause all this please do inform me. The main thing I'm trying to figure out is what is faulty so I know what to send in for a replacement.

    All his stuff is brand new (with the exception of his HDDs) and he's got a nice BFG 8800 GTX laying around doing nothing and he's quite eager to get it doing somthing in the near future.

    any and all help is much appreciated,
  2. straytalk

    straytalk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry to sound pushy but hes not pleased with this situation and I'm still stumped...
  3. raybay

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    The beep pattern can tell you a lot. The beep codes are found on the manufacturer's web site. It appears you have a bad memory module, a defective motherboard, or misplaced jumpers.
    We have all gone through this at one time or another. We know it is not fun. But sometimes a good night's rest, then a logic check, step by step through the motherboard manual can give you clues. Oftentimes, it is something so simple we miss it, and getting riled up makes everything worse.
    Some times there is nothing quite as difficult as building a computer for a friend. The look over the shoulder is a stress builder.
    Look for bent pins, missing or misplaced jumpers, wiring on the wrong posts.
    If you have a floppy drive, and can attempt a boot to a Windows 98 or MS-Dos floppy disc, that will tell you a lot. Go back to the most simple setup you can: power supply, floppy drive, video connection, one memory module. If it fails with a simple test, you know where you are.
    New motherboards fail way too often. I would get on the phone with the board tech support if the above doesn't work, as they use us as their quality control.
  4. straytalk

    straytalk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yea I've checked all the jumpers and we have swapped out memory with some new stuff he bought at a store, It gives me the video error beeps but when I move the memory out into separate channels everything is ok, I've swapped out the PSU and everything else, guess I'll just have newegg mail a replacement out to him and the like.
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