ASUS Maximus Formula (Special Edition) review

Julio Franco

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The ASUS Maximus Formula Special Edition not only features the X38 chipset but packs a whole bunch of additional features that should help it stand out from competitors' X38 products.

For starters, the Maximus Formula is a water-cooled motherboard, which is no doubt an appealing feature for many many gamers and overclockers alike. It also includes the SupremeFX II soundcard which is another feature aimed at gamers, along with a software bundle of 3D FPS game S.T.A.L.K.E.R., a copy of 3DMark 06 and Kaspersky antivirus.

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I think this is incorrect information.
"The Dolby Digital Live technology from Dolby Labs encodes the multi-channel audio source into AC-3 bit-stream and outputs it to S/PDIF port in real time.
I have this motherboard and could not find a way to do AC3 encoding. I did not find DD Live mentioned anywhere.
sounds like a nice board but

I have been checking every were online and can't find this board for sale anywere. anyone know if it's in stock anywere ?
Julio said:

Thanks, I may have found it. I did order it but I will not know if they have it until I call them. I have ordered this board on line 4 times now just to find out the next day or two that they don't have it in stock. I think orders from ASUS got mixed up with The maximus formula and the maximus formula special edition. I have found a few vendors that think they have the SE but When they check they find out it's not..

This is the reply I'm getting back from all the vendors :

Dear Sir,

Here is what we understand: Some major Distributors are selling the ASUS Maximus Formula as the Special Edition BUT IT IS NOT. The information they have been sending out to the channel is faulty and we have all been burned by it. They are also saying that the SE has been discontinued but I can not verify that.

We do not have the Special Edition but wish we did!

Thank you,

I just wanted to let everyone know if you ordered an SE you most likely will be getting a standard model. Other emails I got from distributors told me that ASUS sent them the wrong boards when I asked the to hand check there stock for this problem. Even calling ASUS will not get you any were. As anyone that has ever called there customer service know what I'm talking about.