Asus NForce2 A&N8X-E Deluxe Sound reversed

By Gadget123
Feb 25, 2004
  1. I was using the included Nvidia Sound Storm control panel, just to see what it did. (I don't have a Sound Storm Card). I ran the speaker test & found that when the speakers are backwards. I think this may be something else as I have the speakers attached to the onboard audio connectors by regular mini plugs. In this case there is nothing to change. This is the voice test...."Left" (on right speaker)..."Right" (on Left Speaker). Any suggesions..a MB Jumper perhaps? I do get sound OK.

    Also the graphics Equil doesn't work either on that Nvidia software support. I wouldn't use it much, but with a new board, I just want things that are supposed to work. I hope the speakers aren't a MB problem. I am only using 2 desktop speakers, but wanted to get two more later.

  2. Guardian

    Guardian TS Rookie

    Useing the same MOBO as you.. No problems yet...

    You could try and switch the speakers around. put left on the right and the right on the left. :p
  3. Gadget123

    Gadget123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Figured it out....I thought mini plug was all of the way in the jack. Evidently not. Funny, I wasn't getting static normally associated with a shorted connection.

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