Asus P4 5800mx bios update?

By professorchaos8
Oct 17, 2007
  1. Hi folks :)

    just wondering if there are any bios updates for the Asus P4 5800mx because my board is majorly rooted right now (despite what windows tells me) lol

    no secondry Pata (just dosnt detect anything put on there)
    Onboard USB is detecting but is completely inoperative when you plug somthing into it (im forced to use a USB card)

    figure the board seems pretty stuffed so i have nothing to lose for doing a bios update :p

    Its still in the process of being rebuilt atm :p
    Asus P4 5800mx
    dualcore 3ghz
    512mb ram ( i know i know lol)
    60gb HDD
    DVD burner

    thanks :)
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