ASUS P4Pe2-x No Beep question

By Lee1
Aug 17, 2005
  1. My P4 2.6 system got hit by lightning (again - happened last year). I have started repair by replacing the Power supply first and now the motherboard. The motherboard I installed last year is the same make/model I have installed this time.

    As best as I was able, I re-installed wires and cables as before. I have double checked the + - orientation on the various pins (led, reset, etc).

    When I turn on power I get the green light on the MB, the fan to the CPU runs as does the fan for the video card.

    I not get any beep - nor do I get an visual on the monitor - a monitor that I know is good.

    I understand that no beep can mean a bad motherboard. My question is this: Can no beep code at all be tied either to a fried CPU or fried memory or other issue than a bad MB?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente TS Rookie Posts: 40

    Here's some things you can try (if you haven't already):

    1. Reset your BIOS by using the jumper (should be documented in the instruction manual) or you can just remove the battery from the motherboard for about a minute and put it back in.

    2. Make sure your heatsink is actually touching the CPU. I'm not experienced with Pentium's but I know that with AMD processors, the heatsink can only be put on one way.

    3. Only plug in necessary hardware (i.e. no wireless, USB, Firewire cards).

    4. I can't tell if you used the cables and wires from the old computer or not, but if you did, they may be faulty due to the lightning strike, try new ones.

    5. Check the jumper settings to make sure they are correct for your processor, the instruction manual should detail this.

    Hope this helps!
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