Asus P4S533-VM Problem

By acidosmosis
Mar 28, 2003
  1. Ok, the boss ordered an Asus P4S533-VM motherboard and received it today. I screwed the board onto the case, plugged in both power supply connectors, the power switch, the fan, and hard drive... powered on.. everything ok...
    then I powered down (by holding the power button in for 4 seconds) and plugged in the speaker connector. The fan turned a bit and then stopped. Dead motherboard. What is the DEAL?

    I know I did not plug this speaker connector into the wrong spot or anything hell I've built 2 computers in the last 4 months with no problem.

    Panel Connector Diagram

    . . . . . . 3456
    . . . . . 12 . . .

    Power Switch
    (1, and 2).
    1=pwr, 2=ground.
    1=blue wire, 2=white wire.

    The power switch was no problem. The down arrow on the back of the switch peice is on the back side of the case.

    Here is where the problem comes in:
    After everything was fine I then proceeded to plug in the speaker connector.

    Speaker connector
    Pin 3 = +5v, 4=ground, 5=ground, 6=speaker
    3=red wire, 6=black wire
    the down arrow on the back of the switch is also on the back side of the case.

    What the hell did I do wrong?
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