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Oct 14, 2004
  1. Recently i bought an asus a7v600-x & its been nothing but trouble... couldn't find my hard drive... screwed up windows... etc. I formatted everything 2 times, reinstalled it all & still IE gives me errors constantly (just did after typing this all actually so now i have to do it again :mad: ) & none of my microsoft games work & neither asus or microsoft seem to know whats wrong... it isnt the memory so probably the board. If any1 knows anything please help me. If i have to replace it its fine but then which board is best for game performance? I figure one with the amd 64 cpu but which model?

    My system setup is 1gb 333mhz memory... 128mb ati radeon video card... 80gb hard drive... windows 2000 (also have xp tho)... & dsl
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    With such limited information about your system we can really advise much. Fill in the System Specs sections of your profile, it would things easier for us.

    What PSU do you happen to be using ? If you have a lot of power hungry components, using a low PSU can results in stability issues & such.

    How do you know if the memory is good ? Just because it doesn't crash on another system doesn't mean it's not the memory that's at fault on your current setup. Certain motherboards tend to be more sensitive then others for example.

    Download memtest, burn the bootable ISO, boot on it & then let it run for a couple of days to see either if the memory is faulty or if the combination of your motherboard & memory do not get along very well.

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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    Ive added my system info to my profile. The memory is good because i have 4 different sticks and it does this with any combo of them or any single stick. They came from 3 different places, so i don't think they're all bad... but you never know.

    I am about to change the file format from Fat32 to NTFS I think that may help. When i try to install XP it keeps giving me the blue error screen with Page Fault In Unpaged Area.
  4. Didou

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    Some motherboards do not like it when you mix Ram brands/types. Are they all the same ? Try going in the BIOS & manually setting the memory timings. Set it to something failsafe such as 3-4-4-8 & see if it helps. & please run memtest, you'll know quite fast if the memory is the culprit or not.
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    A7N8X Deluxe

    You know, I saw rave reviews for this motherboard when it came out, to my surprise, I purchased one, and after 3 RMA's, they've shipped me a broken board everytime. Then ran me through hoops letting me know the board acting unstable was a fault of mine somewhere.

    I think people should voice their opinions about bad products considering I even spent time and extra money to get that board tested at local computer stores just to make sure it wasn't me alone that was experiancing the problem. I finally gave up, threw my hands in the air, and bought Abit. No problems since. :p

    Anyways, processors tested on it were:
    Athlon 2800+ Barton Core
    Athlon 2100+ Thorton Core
    Athlon 2000+ Thoroughbred Core

    I had give it a pair of corsair DDR 400mhz sticks, it seemed to work more stably on one stick, but not by much, at least I could browse webpages before it went under or corrupted the hard drive. Even then, I bought some Kingston 64Mx64 memory believing that the tech support group said "ONLY THIS MEMORY WILL WORK WITH YOUR CONFIGURATION" was being honest.

    Of course, before then, they quickly wrote it off to the processor overheating, so I called up, talked with them for a bit, consulted a few of the local computer firms, and eventually, found a really nice heatsink that AMD recommended that claimed to cool up to a 3600+, some arctic silver 5, and soon set it up. There was no difference.

    So, at that point, After buying two 512mb Dimms to make my nice 1GB system. I'm out $258 as well as the $30 x2 spent on getting the motherboard tested.

    Is there any suggestions as to what I should do with this.. incredibly hightech paperweight? This pinnacle of Asus' ability? Even the 5950Ultra my friend had purchased went bad. So, I'm left to wonder... what SHOULD I do?

    Oh, before you ask, I even had a Thermaltake Truepower power supply, tech support finally escalated me to RMA. But in the end, it was always, for their protection, end user fault of somesort.

    Mind you, it doesn't help that the CSR tech support agents were contracted out to some firm out in Tennessee... nowhere near California where Asus is based.

    puke: ASUS
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    I'm running an Asus A7n8X-E Deluxe and I've had nothing but success with it. I like it so much I bought a 2nd one and gave the kiddos an upgrade. By far the most stable machine I've ever had. Shoot, I might just reboot someday.
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    Hello sorry my english.
    Im Portuguese and i had the same problem (more or less).
    Do you have the VIA RAID driver installed on your Machine?
    my mail is
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