ASUS Radeon 9600xt

By Close2Insane
Sep 24, 2004
  1. Hi,

    I have a weird problem. I recently bought a Fire wire card. When I installed my screen went to black during boot up. I removed the card and my Win XP Pro boot up normally. I tried couple of times and I thought that the card is broken. I ordered another one; I want to try a different brand. Well, now it even worth than the first one. I install the card and I got the black screen on boot up. I removed the card and…..nothing:confused: . My window does not start any more. I tried to repair but had no luck. I reinstall the windows on the top of my previous installation and I managed to get my critical files backed up. Than I formatted my drives and reinstall the windows and that what I got: After the system come back after installation I installed my graphic’s card drivers and restart. My monitor goes off during reboot, the only way to make it working its “Invoke last known good conf.”, but its only working in VGA mode. I also went to the properties for graphic card and it has 7 or so conflicts PCI-to_PCI bridge IRQ crap and this is on the fresh installed system (no programs or drivers installed). I never had this problem when I install everything first time about 6 month ago. I add only one device since than DVD burner Sony DRU-520 (??)So now I have 2 useless firewire cards and useless computer. Does anybody have a similar problem??? I am Close2Insane. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    My computer conf:

    Asus P4C800 mobo
    P4 2.8 OC to 3.09
    Asus Radeon 9600 xt AGPx8
    Onboard audio
    2 Seagate SATA HD ( 80 and 160 G)
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