ATA HD will not run with SATA HD

By keloar
Jun 26, 2005
  1. As part of a general upgrade (new motherboard with SATA, 3.4 cpu, new ram, etc) I installed Seagate 160 GB SATA HD. I intended this to be the slave or secondary drive to my old Seagate 160 gb ata hd, but when I booted up I had problems with both the hd's. Part of the problem on the old Seagate 160 GB ATA drive is that I jumpered it incorrectly and instead of marking it as master, it was set to 32GB limit. I believe this may have caused the CMOS to reset.

    The first boot generated the following error msgs:

    CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded
    Warning! CPU has been changed.
    Please re-enter cpu setting in the cmos setup and save before quit!

    I never saw any obvious cpu setting that needed to be corrected so I thought the above warnings were caused by the inadvertant 32mb limit jumper error I made on the primary (actually remained slave due to jumper error) 160 ata hd.

    At this point, I could not access either hd, but after fixing the ATA jumper error, I was able to access the SATA drive and so I loaded XP w/SP2 on it, thinking that I would then be able get the ATA drive up and copy some files over and all would be good. But ever since, I have not been able to access the old drive. I have an older seagate 80 gb ata drive that was basically a clone of the 160 ata drive, but the 80 gb drive will not read either.

    I have tried different connectors to no avail.

    I have gone thru the bios many times and its basic configuration (after dumping cmos memory and resetting bios) is to enable the ide controller and disable the sata controller. In this config it will not boot, altho the post does show the 160 gb ata hd (which is bootable).

    When I switch the sata controller to enable, I am able to boot but still not able to read the ata drive (with ata controller enabled).

    The boot seq is floppy, hd, cdrom.

    I even tried removing the sata hd. It would not boot, but I may try again with the sata controller disabled.

    I will look for sata and ata drive updates on my mobo cd and see if that makes any diff.

    Maybe I need to flash my bios and start over.

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