Atari's E.T. games unearthed from New Mexico landfill after more than 30 years

Shawn Knight

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A team of diggers and filmmakers searching an Alamogordo, New Mexico, landfill for remnants of Atari E.T. games struck gold over the weekend. Led by archaeologist Andrew Reinhard, the team unearthed hundreds of copies of the game that many consider...

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OK - so now what? Although marginally interesting, not sure if it was really worth the cost or effort.


(indy voice) dont send the cartridges to ebay! they belong in a museum!


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This was an interesting story, I really enjoyed reading about this whole search and the fact it turned out to be true.


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So.... um.... do they work? Been buried a long time. I don't suppose the retail box could've protected them good enough for functionality to remain.I don't know why I'm curious, I just am.

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I have Colecovision with module that supports act-vision Pitfall a bunch others plus ATARI games too for 2600. Still after all these years the system still works. Coleco made some fun games like ZaXxon or Super ZaXxon both the cart and the cassette like data tape which support 250KB on single drive and if you were lucky to have dual drives that's 500KB on Coleco Adam Family Computer that uses a daisy wheel printer/PSU source.