Athlon 64 3500+ Voltage Help?

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Jan 7, 2007
  1. I'm trying to overclock my Athon 64 3500+ to at least 2.5GHz and it's overclocking unsuccesfully at stock voltages. I was just wondering what a good bump in voltage should be. Usually I try to stay away from voltages, and that's why I don't know how high to bump it :) . Thank you in advance :wave: !
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    I believe most people say up to 10% voltage increase is generally "safe."
    I'd first try 1.475 or 1.5v if your cpu is stock at 1.45. I wouldn't really want to more than say 1.575v or 1.6v. More voltage = more heat, so be sure to keep an eye on your temperatures.
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    I have a 3400+ and I did a 3% voltage OC in the bios and it fried the chip once it went past the video card screen prior to boot up. =(
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    Hi cfitzarl,

    what do you mean by "it's overclocking unsuccessfully at stock voltages"? will it not even boot at 2.5GHz, or will it boot but not remain stable?

    are you sure that it's a lack of voltage that's hindering your overclock? I would be surprised if you needed to raise the voltage for only 300MHz.

    are you overclocking everything or just the CPU itself? to overclock only the CPU itself you should lower the HTT below 1000MHz (2000MT/s) and lower your RAM below it's rated speed (675?). also make sure that your PCI/PCI-E bus is locked at 33MHz/100MHz. doing this removes other variables from the equation so that you know it's the CPU itself that's the limiting factor, and not something else.

    if you have done that already, and you're sure that nothing else but the CPU itself is holding the overclock back, then raise the voltage in the smallest increments possible and test it each time.

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    I was in the same shoes as you a year ago, except I succeeded. Increase your voltages by .25 volt intervals. I don't think you should raise your volts past 1.55, especially for a 2.5ghz overclock with probable stock cooling. There are other things to overclocking like RAM voltage so check that too. And make sure to run Blend Stress Prime 2004 for 24 hours.
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    It gets to the Asus startup screen and then the monitor artifacts. Thank you everyone for the advice :wave: !
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