Athlon XP-Ms 2600+ vs 2800+

By EXCellR8
Feb 2, 2008
  1. I have 2 genuine AMD Athlon XP-M processors that I have been using with my 462 board for some time now. The two chips are very similar and share almost the same specs, except for the rated speed & vcore of course.

    I have been clocking both of the chips to 2.4ghz without any problems but I have noticed something a little strange. The 2800+ seems to have outperformed the 2600+ @ 2.4ghz, by a lot! I've noticed a significant performance decrease when the 2600+ is installed and clocked in at the same 2400mhz mark.

    Using the same BIOS settings with both chips, I've run numerous tests and have found that I get higher fps with the 2800+ chip. Could the 2800 really be that more powerful than the 2600? I didn't think the two chips would perform any different really so I find it somewhat strange that when they are both clocked at 2400mhz, the performance varies.

    Does anyone have any info on this? I would appreciate anything that I don't know to be brought up. Thanks!
  2. CobaltViper

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    Did you use these two processors in the same set-up? I'm assuming you are, but it wasn't really clear from your post.
  3. Tedster

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    there were various differences in these chips. These were some of the most overclockerable chips ever made by AMD. There are many articles online regarding the XP series chips and their clock ability. You might want to go to and look at their achieves.
  4. EXCellR8

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    Yep, same exact setup. Same exact BIOS settings as well.

    I will see what I can dig up over @ Tom's and maybe I'll find something useful. I don't know whether this makes a difference or not but... the 2600+ is an OEM (green) and the 2800+ is not (tannish?). I don't know if that is important but I know that both the chips are 100% authentic with valid model numbers. I checked both of the chips over at CPU world and everything checks out.
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