Athlon64 FX unlocked, but at a price

By Julio Franco
Sep 29, 2003
  1. The Inquirer confirms that Athlon64 FX processors selling on retail will indeed come with an unlocked multiplier. They are also reporting that you can get a free game when you register your product with AMD, and while the title hasn't been announced yet but The Inq does well in hinting it could be a recompiled version of a game taking advantage of the 64-bit features.

    These chips will be completely unlocked, but you will pay a premium. Nothing is free anymore.

    In the meantime, while the FX doesn't seem to be widely available yet, our pricewatch section gives us a good idea how popular the 3200+ will become taking already the #1 popularity spot in the CPU section and available from many retailers.
  2. ---agissi---

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    so an unlocked cpu will cost more then your locked? :dead: bah, people want to make money out of anything and everything these days :blackeye:
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