Athoc toolbar driving me mad, can someone help?"

By foycur
Aug 14, 2005
  1. I noticed in my system tray the other day a program running called "Athoc Toolbar" which I never remember installing. I tried to right click on it, nothing happened. I went to the processes and found a program running called athoc.exe. I disabled it and even found it and deleted the program under "install/remove programs". However, the toolbar icon is still there. I have tried to remove it manually through checking registry lines, etc. etc. but I still cannot remove it. Tried running Spybot and Ad-Aware SE, both of them failed to find anything of significance other than cookies from websites where I've bought merchandise.

    THe reason why it really bugs me is because every so often I will see a flash in my blue toolbar at the bottom of the screen, as if an executable program runs for a split second and then closes itself. When I am playing games, it shuts the game down and then I have to restart it by clicking on the minimized window. Does anyone out there have any experience with this, or at least an idea different than what I"ve tried?
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