ATI 9550 Driver won't install

By Colin Ball ยท 6 replies
Feb 21, 2005
  1. :( Replaced Abit Siluro GF2-MX with HIS ATI 9550 when I try to load driver, on reboot PC locks up half way into boot sequance, I then reset and have to select, Last known good configuration but no driver is installed, tried to install driver through Driver Update etc then half way into driver install crashes to black screen with flashing cursor and stays that way till I reset.
    When checking Device Manager it shows 9550 Secondary Display ok but 9550 Primary Display with the yellow triangle and ! mark, checked Resources for the Primary Display which shows Resources number for I/O and Memory with No Entry over them, it shows a conflict with the same Resources being used by AGP-CPU.
    I cannot change resources manually as all hardware resource settings are Greyed out.
    Help!! Col
    1.2 Athlon, XP Home SP2, 3xHDD=260GB, DVD-RW, SB Live 5.1, Hauppauge PCI TV, ADSL modem, USB2 PCI, 550W Power Supply.
  2. shadow_29

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    first of all its a resource conflict (irq),read around and you'll find how to get around it but i think that the problem might be more.first try and put your old geforce in,restart in safe mode by pressing f8 just before the windows boot screen,log in and remove the geforce video card from device manager and rollback/uninstallany traces of your old drivers,you can even download utilities to do this correctly.once done install or reinstall the GART drivers from the mobo cd that came with all the drivers.then you put in the new card check bios and see everything is fine.if and when it boots up you install detonator (or whatever) drivers.
  3. Colin Ball

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    Shadow Hi
    I removed all geforce software via Add/Remove in Control Panel before installing ATI, if you know I/O conflict solver that works please pass it on.Cheers uk Col
  4. shadow_29

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    like i said earlier i think this problem could be because your old card or its driver havent been removed completely.but if you think its an i/o conflict than....

    ok ...its been a while so you should check up on what i am telling you to solve an i/o or and irq conflict there are 2 ways one through windows on the device manager screen check the properties for your card and on the 3rd tab there should be a button that says something like automatically/manually assign the other option is through bios, un-select an option that says auto assign irq and then reboot and then store it back to auto assign or if feeling a little adventurous set it manually(wouldnt advise it).anything that you do decide to do first of all make backups of your settings,write down the current settingg and most important read up on the around for a bit and read up before you try something.I am probably not the most qualified person to tell you about i/o and irq conflicts so all i can do is point you in a direction and hope you dont screw up.

    so thats it......good luck and sorry i cant help you out further
  5. olefarte

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    Sorry I can't help if it's a conflict, but I might add that, as shadow_29 said, it would be a good idea to download a utillity like Driver Cleaner, to do a good job of cleaning out the last remnants of your old drivers after uninstalling through the add/remove panel. Especially when changing from nVidia to ATi, or vice versa.
  6. tbrunt3

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  7. Colin Ball

    Colin Ball TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tbrunt3 Hi, anythings worth a try thanks for the link uk Col
    Thanks for your time guys!
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