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Ati 9600 XT Problems.

By Zainyboy
Dec 30, 2005
  1. Hello Guys ,
    I`ve been facing many problems since got Ati 9600XT over Nvidia 5200LE . I bought a new PC having Asus K8N-E Delux , AMD64 3200+ , 80GB HDD , Nvidia 5200 LE Samsung Combo Drive , 1GB DDr Ram .. The settings were basically for gaming ... obviously not good specs for stuff like GTA San Andreas , Doom III & other major titles hence I decided to go for a new Graphic Card .. So i Got Ati 9600XT 256 DDR Boxed pack .. it was a bliss for 5 months but started giving some annoying errors . That is like when playing GTA SA the game hangs for a while the screen blacks out & then every thing comes to normal .. Sometimes without giving any warning or msg the system restarts & the moniter wont turn on with a post msg indicating VGA problems. And when it does start , right after login it says System has recovered from a serious error .. The problem was with some ati2dvag.dll file ..
    I searched in various places on the internet & found some of these fixes & Results :
    1. Mycomputer \ properties \ hardware \ device manager expand System Devices & update the drivers for PCI to PCI bridge. Choose the divers manually from the list click next to install & after the ecompletion restart ..
    Results : Nothing.
    2. I tried Driver cleaner to remove the files & reinstalled the drivers ( catalyst 5.13) but no luck ..
    3. I tried Omega drivers but no luck ..
    4. Updated all of my drivers .. But no luck ..

    I just want to know Is there a compatibility Issue Of Ati wid Asus Mobo`s ..
    or buying a 9600xt was a bad idea ...
    Is there any other fix apart from those stated above ..

    Please let me know ...
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Actually a 9600XT isn't a bad little card for what you've mentioned. Got one in an AMD 2500+ and it plays Doom3 and GTA quite well with medium settings, decent resolution. :)

    It sounds like a hardware issue, most likely with the power supply. It'll do the system restart/power off like that if the PSU is old, tired and underrated. I'd check to see if you have a 250-300W PSU and how old it is.

    It could be any number of things, but I'd suspect the PSU first. If it's an old 200W or less, this is something that should be upgraded anyway.

    As far as the K8N goes.. never had a lick of trouble with these and ATI cards. Make sure you have the latest chipset drivers installed as well as I'd say the 5.11 Catalyst drivers from ATI. (5.12 and 5.13's have a couple bugs with some games, but should work for your games fine). For the chipset drivers, I'd hit and get the later beta NForce drivers as the one's on NVIDIA's site are old and do have a few instability bugs. They have an 8.22 remix driver set someone put together that has all the most stable/newest drivers... it's a nice rebundle.
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