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Apr 17, 2005
  1. I have a problem. I have a 9700 pro but i dont have the disk. in the past i had always downloaded the catalyst and my card would work without the disk. Now i built a new computer and i got it installed but now i have kinda ghost images around a lot of the links and stuff.

    Is there anywhere i can get the whole 9700 pro install

    it also says error cti.exe application error, application failed to intialize properly
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    well, if you read my first post, you would know that i already did that.
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    What do you mean by ghost images ?
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    The error you are getting about the cti.exe application error is cause by the fact that you haven't installed the Microsoft Net Framework 1.1. This software is required to run the Catalyst Control Centre which is trying to run in the background upon startup but it can't! Use this link to install the net framework 1.1 (

    I'm afraid that this software wont fix your 'ghost' appearances but it will allow you to run the Catalyst Control Centre Suite to modify graphics settings and so on, which in effect could need changing to prevent the problem you are having.

    Good Luck
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