ATI AIW X800XT - Video Capture Help (removal)

By csisac
Aug 6, 2005
  1. I posted this in a different forum, i think it was the wrong one however, it just was the same place that my search turned up.

    Anyway, the problem:

    I recently built a new computer, using an AIW X800XT as the graphics card. The TV functions is quite nice, however, the tv capture/recording is using up quite a bit of space on my HD, over 10GB now. I understand how to turn the feature off, so that it isnt recording all the time, but my question is how do i delete this recorded TV/Data?

    I cannot locate an exact place, but i would very much like to get rid of the data that is taking up room on the HD.

    Thanks for any help, as this could become a more major problem down the road.
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