ATI All in Wonder X600 Pro Problem

By B_man
Sep 29, 2005
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    I have an ATI All in Wonder X600 Pro PCI-E video card that has issues with the TV/FM radio functions. I bought the card from Newegg and put it in my Acer Power FE computer. The computer specs can be found here:

    I installed the card, loaded the drivers and ATI Multimedia software without problems, until I attempted to use the TV/FM functions. Both the TV and radio worked briefly then those applications would freeze up. I contacted ATI and they recommended trying older versions of the drivers and multimedia software. I tried every version of ATI offered with the same result, the TV and radio would freeze after a short time. I RMA'ed the card back to ATI and they supposedly repaired it, although the card I received back from ATI had a different serial number than the one I purchased. Anyhow the "refurbished" card has the same issues before, the TV and radio functions freeze up after a short time.

    Other than the problems with the TV and radio functions, the card performs flawlessly.

    I do not have another computer to try the card in as my other machines are AGP. None of my friends have a PCI-E machine either.

    One thing that occurred to me is there could be a conflict with the onboard video card. Unfortunately, the Acer machine has a "dumbed down" bios that doesn't allow me the option of disabling the onboard video. :(

    I was thinking about buying another motherboard but I hate to spend the money if I can avoid it.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome.....
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