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Nov 21, 2003
  1. Ok guys here is the deal, one of my friends gave me a video card (ATI RAGE 6 Theater) with S-Vid Out, and that is the card i would like to use, however, i am unable to find the drivers for it on ATI's site. this is what the card says alltogether:

    Ati Radeon Graphics

    Ati Rage Theater

    It is a Rage 6 SDR 32MB

    If anyone knows where the drivers and app's are for this card please let me know.

  2. NoisySilence

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    If it is a Radeon then any Catalyst driver should do. The Catalyst drivers are ATI's unified driver, so it should work for any Radeon from the original one all the way to the 9800XT.
  3. noogie2

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    where to get it

    could you post the exact location of it so i can get it.? it would be most appreciated.

  4. NoisySilence

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  5. noogie2

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    Well, ok here is the winxp and win200 drivers, but I need some display drivers for windows98 -> for this card (if we're not talking about the same one)
    ATI Rage Theater
    and the label on the main chip say :
    ATI Rage Theater
    I didn't have any trouble launching knoppix with 16bit color in 800x600 resolution, but there in the control center the knoppix was reconising the card as "vesa", athough in the boot time it was saying that the video card that it has found is "ATI l Rage 128 Ultra TF", that is strange when I know that this card is 32MB, but maybe it has 128bit chip ot something ? I don't know, the card has a "copm out","s-vid out" and the normal out for monitor, if someone help me find some drivers I would be really thankful :)
    p.s.: sorry about my bad english, but eniglish is not my national languge :)
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  8. bachkov

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

    Man, you're great, thank you so much for these drivers, they save my life !!! ];)
    So, if you ever need something,especialy some software needs, just ask ! ];)
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    just simple 1 help. i dieing to see this working i need driver having WINXP pro
    Card is "ati rage theater 213rt1zua42" Tell me what can i do with this laso Please!
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