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ATI Radeon 7000 OpenGL Self Disabled?

By vje
Jun 26, 2005
  1. Okay, well I downloaded the battlefield 2 demo last week I think it was, and it said I required directx 9.0c, so no problems, i download it and try to install, somewhere in the installation windows logo checker comes up and sais installation will not complete, after pressing okay, it sais "directx did not copy a required file" tried installing several times no luck. Now for some reason i have no directx 9.0a i had in my system before so i reinstall but had to delete some files in system32 from the files that did copy from directx 9.0c. Then i got some errors about so so was not found in the direct link library kernel32.dll so i figured im ****ed, but fixed it by removing some old files i noticed were still there. So i restart my computer and i cant play medal of honor or counter strike, opelgl errors. Fine, uninstall video card, reboot off onboard video, reinstall video card software, reinstall card itself and im back to usin the radeon display but still no opengl working. WTf is going on? I recently got hacking in an RPG i play called knight online and im not in the mood to play that anymore but now i cant play my other games? tried installing latest drivers btw and i end up gettin some error when i start up system sayin ati control panel couldnt open because no driver is present, something like that


    1.3 processor
    358 ram
    sis mobo (not sure which type)
    radeon visiontek 7000.
  2. vje

    vje TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump. Btw would it help if i stated i feel it has to do with a ikernel problem? Would the kernel have anything to do relating to graphics?
  3. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,103   +423

    Are you sure you didn't delete some wrong files?

    Also, although you may have directx 9 installed according to ATI, the Radeon 7000 only supports up to directx 8.0. So if a game requires 9.0c, it won't run well, if at all, with your current card even if you manage to install it.
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