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ATi radeon 9250 AGP and black screen after boot up of installation

By Chriscnl ยท 7 replies
Nov 28, 2006
  1. I just bought a new ATI Radeon 9250 AGP. Before the installation of the new card, i read the instruction on what to do before installing the new card...I uninstalled the old video card of the computer and change the video CMOS setting from PCI to AGP. I went to installed the card and when it boot up the screen was black. The only things that i was able to see was the CMOS screen and the window loading screen before it goes into the login screen. Thanks for reading this thread and i am looking forward to fellow techspot comments. Thanks.
  2. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Posts: 2,273

    Wait... You have a PCI slot or AGP slot? ( I dont quite get what you ment there )
  3. Chriscnl

    Chriscnl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My old video cards is AGP slot card...I first bought a PCI-E card and took it home and then had to return with my old card to get the correct card. It's an AGP card.

    On the Boot Setting at the very beginning you change the video from PCI to AGP...vise-versa.
  4. ApeTronic

    ApeTronic TS Rookie

    I had the exact same prob with my ati agp card

    As usual without knowing what hardware you are on (chipset) i asume its a "k<something>".

    first set the propper memory size for your card in you bios and be shure to check that "fastwrite" is set to "off" =)

    .. if that dosent solve the prob:

    boot up in safe mode ... and In the Device Manager, System Devices, find the "CPU to AGP Controller" and manually update it (Update Driver, Select from list, Don't Search- I will choose, etc.etc.) to "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge"

    (thanx to sharkfod for the solution, previous post in the forum)
  5. Chriscnl

    Chriscnl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will give this suggestion a shot...thanks for the input. I'll let you know on how it goes.
  6. ApeTronic

    ApeTronic TS Rookie

    Perfect .. be sure to put down exactly what worked for you so the rest of the forum can get the feedback =)
    Good luck man !
  7. ApeTronic

    ApeTronic TS Rookie

    ohh .. just a prediction of the future, the fastwrite will give you a false impression that it works (that is you will be able to boot and things look like normal ... but be sure to check it in 3d mode/gameplay for 1-2h. If it dosent work your computer will randomly freeze/give you a blackscreen in 3d-mode.

    If you have a kt<something> chipset the only solution that i know of is the pci-pci solution. If not/Otherwise another hint in the right direction would be to update all the drivers (inc via-arena) and fall back to windows native ati drivers from 2004-<something> (use drive cleaner to clear out the drivers that came with the card) .. but that will not give you the desired 3d you want and you will probably be better of falling back to your prev g-card. =(

    IF you get it to work with the pci-pci solution you will have problems with the catalyst-app/control panel. But at least its working and give you 3d =)
  8. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,582   +248

    I wish you luck on this one. I upgraded from a GeForce2 to an ATI Radeon 9200 and made a real mess of things. I deleted the Windows XP default graphics drivers and was stuck with the black screen of death. Even going back to the old card didn't help and eventually I reinstalled Windows. There are probably other ways out of this but I didn't know what they were. I think it may be possible to boot up from the last known good configuration but am not well enough informed to comment on this. Hopefully your problem is not the same.
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