ATI Radeon 9550 reboot

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Dec 10, 2005
  1. I am so tired of reformatting my drive, clean installing, and rebooting my computer because of the graphics card I have. Recently my computer went kaput and so I reformatted my drive, clean install blah blah and tried to install the latest graphic driver 5.12 for the radeon 9550 I have in the computer. But it won't let me boot up. I have windows 2000 on the computer and it just keeps booting and rebooting.
    I have tried the omega version and its the same thing.
    It will work with the cd the graphics card came with, but its version of catalyst suite is 3. something. I would like to have the latest drivers for this graphics card. Because a game I used to be able to play, Syberia, won't even work now.
    The vpu recovery shuts it down from the start.
    I have service pck 4 and .net 1.1 and all the update microsoft has put out.
    I have directx 9 too. So why won't windows boot up with the 5.12 driver?
    I even tried an older one, 5.1 no go. And yes I have made sure to delete all traces of the original ati and drivers. I even downloaded regcleaner to make sure.
    I have researched on the net and have seen there are a lot of people having problems with the ati radeon drivers. I even saw a post similar to mine about the constant rebooting.
    Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my windows and graphics card? Is it a 2000 problem or an ati one? :chef:
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    Could there be some other cause? What was the cause of your PC dying before? When you reformatted and reinstalled windows, did you reinstall all your motherboard chipset drivers?

    While we're at it, what are the rest of your system specs?
  3. Tammy S

    Tammy S TS Rookie

    hi, welcome, I'm new here and have posted radeon 9550 troubles. the people here have helped me with the problem. They helped pinpoint the trouble for my repaired guy. He couldn't believe what it was so he asked his supplyer and found out it was true. The graphics card is overheating. It needs an oversized fan. I still have to get the fan and install it and hope that the problem is permenantly fixed.
    From what the supplyer guy said is that the radeon 9550 is actually a 9200 card overclocked so it over heats and needs an oversized fan. If it overheats to much it could cause some permenant damage to the computer

    this is the link where I wrote my problem and got the help. I hope it helps you and solves your isssues.
    Good luck
  4. merisell

    merisell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have no clue why it died before. I remember I was playing syberia (the first one) and all of a sudden everything crashed. I got the bsod thing nothing would boot up.
    I had to wait a long long long time until my husband came back from his trip. Then he tried just a reinstall of windows, but no go.
    We tried a clean install and eventually figured out it was the ati graphics card drivers that would let windows boot up.

    I decided to wipe everything out with a reformatting of both drives.
    I installed windows 2000 again on the c, and then used an upgrade disc to get it to service 3 then after my husband set up the internet I downloaded all the update to service 4. and the .net 1.1 thing.
    Tried again. and it wouldn't work.
    Only the cd works - go figure. Though I haven't installed any games yet. So I don't know if it still works with those.

    My specs?
    I have Windows 2000, service 4, system manufacturer is via tech, intel pent 3 1200mhz, award modular bios v6.00pg, 523,828Kb memory, at/at compatible, ..
    what else do I need to tell you?
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    It could be an overheated graphics card. You still didn't say whether you installed the motherboard drivers or not. Just saying you reinstalled Windows and updates is not the same thing.
  6. merisell

    merisell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tired of rebooting

    motherboard chipset drivers? I don't know.
    If windows updated it with the updater then my answer would be yes.

    The fan overheating? Would that cause windows not to reboot after installing the latest driver?
  7. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    Well, to be sure all your motherboard drivers are installed, you can go to Control Panel, System, and find the Device Manager. If any device has a yellow question mark or exclamation mark, its driver needs to be installed. Motherboard drivers should be on a CD that comes with your motherboard or PC. If not you can get it from the manufacturer's website.

    When you installed the new graphics driver, did you uninstall the old one first?
  8. merisell

    merisell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well there are no yellow exclamation marks, so everything must be updated.
    And there wasn't any old drivers at all because I reformatted the drive and did a clean install.
    After all that, and getting hooked to the internet and updating everything. The very next thing I did was go to ati's website and downloaded the latest driver 5.12. Installed it, clicked to restart and it would restart and restart and restart. You get the picture.
    I had to go into safe mode and uninstall it for windows to boot up again normally.
  9. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    Just a couple of weeks ago I installed a PowerColor Radeon 9550 in a new PC for someone else and used the 5.11 Catalyst driver and had no problem. I know that doesn't mean much to you since you ARE having a problem but there it is.

    I presume you installed the Catalyst Control Center version. Try getting rid of it and install the driver only and see what happens. You might have to look for it but for dialup downloaders, ATI splits up the download so you can get the driver only separately. I'm sorry I'm not much help.
  10. ColdBlizzardIce

    ColdBlizzardIce TS Rookie Posts: 35

    It could be the drivers. Did you say you just installed the video card or had it awhile and just suddenly crashed. I know alot of people having big issues with the new Catalyst 5.12 drivers. Dont know when they are going to fix it but it needs to be fixed soon. Whats your powersupply?
  11. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Did you see any visual anomalies / errors before it crashed?

    I've played Syberia too, it isn't demanding game graphics-wise - actually I'm not sure if it uses 3D acceleration at all. That's why I'm not convinced it's overheating.

    Have you installed the chipset drivers for the mainboard as well?
  12. merisell

    merisell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I tried only installing the driver for the graphics card, and still no luck it still just reboots continually. It must be something in my bios I guess.
    I found out what my bios motherboard model number and version is and I went to the home site and requested a flash upgrade. The bios is 3 years old.
    Do I need to find the chipset upgrade too? It's a VIA VT82C694X Apollo pro 133. I have no idea what version it is.

    I even downloaded that sandra thing so it will tell me what all I have.
    Temperature Sensor(s)
    Board Temperature : 23.2°C / 73.8°F
    CPU Temperature : 39.0°C / 102.2°F
    Power / Aux Temperature : 29.0°C / 84.2°F

    Cooling Device(s)
    Auto Fan Speed Control : No
    Chassis Fan Speed : 3497rpm
    CPU Fan Speed : 2700rpm

    Voltage Sensor(s)
    CPU Voltage : 1.50V
    +3.3V Voltage : 3.33V
    +5V Voltage : 4.95V
    +12V Voltage : 11.83V

    I wish I knew all the specs for my bios and what everything should be set at.
    It's all greek to me.
  13. merisell

    merisell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh yeah the syberia game did have funky graphics before it crashed.
    But all that is gone now. I had tried installing those patches for the game beforehand too. So I thought that was why the game messed up.
    But now, who knows why the graphics card won't boot up normally.
    I am in vga mode right now with crappy colors and graphics.
    I want it to look like its supposed to.
  14. merisell

    merisell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well here is an update. I can't upgrade/flash my bios right now because it will cost $60 and with christmas we just don't have the money to spend.
    So anyway, I went through all of the previous drivers for ati following the ones after the cd version that I had. I found out that the 4.7 suite and the 4.9 suite works. So I installed the 4.9 one.
    It works sometimes, I guess. I still don't know what is up though because now occasionally I get the bsod page fault 0.x00000050.
    I downloaded bug doctor and almost believed I was getting something free.
    I should have known better - nothing is free. I used the free scan and it said that I have 6 errors for invalid CLSID, 22 errors in corrupt help files, and 5 missing shortcuts.
    I now wonder if one of those is causing my bsod or if its still my graphics card driver or the bios, or my sound card? I just don't understand windows.
    And all my husband can say to me is "You should being using a mac."
    Yeah well all my games are on this pc for windows. :monkey:
  15. merisell

    merisell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Finally Fixed but I have a new question.

    Well I first had my bios updated, it was giving out a sale it said so it was $30 instead of priced $60 on the phone. I followed the instructions and now it is dated June 2, 2003 which I thought was a waste because now its still old in my opinion; but my husband says for my motherboard the bios update is a good thing and must be the latest one. And bios don't have to be updated that often. Whatever.

    Anyway, that didn't fix the problem with my graphics card driver. So then I went to Via technologies and thankfully it was free, downloaded the latest 2005 driver for my chipset. That did the trick!! My computer was able to restart with an old driver. I then uninstalled the old one, installed the latest graphic ati radeon 9550 driver and voila everything is perfect.
    Now I can play Syberia again and Broken Sword Sleeping Dragon once more.
    I am so happy.
    So far today I have been playing Syberia.

    I do have one question though. The game just stopped and gave me a "virtual memory is low" window. So I guess I can't play this game for too long before it runs out of virtual memory. Is there some way to tweak this or make this window not pop up during game play?? What is virtual memory?
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