Ati Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB Video card lines on screen

By fugleman
Dec 4, 2004
  1. I'm running windows XP pro. I up graded my video card to Ati Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB. I picked up on ebay for $30. On the boot screen the lines are up and down all over it is even hard make out. The next screen is fine working great. Then the windows load screen is messed up. The welcome screen is fine and clear of lines then right before going to the desktop screen the mouse pointer disappears it is their but can not be seen the lines are gone but so is the mouse pointer? Every time I reboot more lines are removed still no mouse pointer? What is this.
  2. vegasgmc

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    Post your system specs. There seems to be compatability problems with the 9600 cards and nForce motherboards.
  3. flipado

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    VIA chipset incompatabilities


    I recently bought an ATI Radeon 9600. I installed it in my old machine and it seemed to work fine. Then I updated my BIOS. Thats's when everything started going haywire. Not posting, losing video when I could get it to post, etc.

    Very long story short, I built an entirely new computer around the D@MN card trying to troubleshoot it. The first piece I changed was the MB and CPU. I had a few startup issues with the power management, but once I got past posting problem, I would get these funny lines on the screen during login and with certain pictures (like the google logo).

    I had found a forum link to a 2003 apology from VIA about incompatabilities with ATI cards, but thought they would have resolved it. Then, on the fourth re-formatting session, I installed the ATI drivers first, before MB drivers. There were no lines (yeah a couple blips but I was so frustrated I was about to live with them). Then I loaded the VIA 4in1 drivers for the MB. BAM, and there you have it. Both of my motherboards I now own have VIA chipsets.

    I went out and bought an nVidia. I was a loyal ATI customer, having bought four of their cards over the years, but their customer support did little to help, so they will no longer get my business.

    Hopefully you can return/exchange the card for a non-ATI.


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  4. swker98

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    i also have a ROSEWILL ATI redion 9600 but the screen is flickering it weorked fien for a onth or so and then it started flickring
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