ATI Radeon 9600 XT - Problems...

By KuMdOwN kInG
Mar 24, 2006
  1. Greetings from Australia.

    CPU: AMD Athlon XP +3200 x64
    Video: ATI Radeon 9600 XT (128Mb)
    Ram: 1Gb DDR @ 400MHz
    Board: Gigabyte K8NS Pro

    My friend has been having problems with his video card for quite some time now. I am aware that there is another thread with the same problem on these forums but it was a waste of time reading.

    Ok here's the prob...

    We jump onto a game play a game for like 5 minutes or so and then the game and video decides to die. I can still hear sound but from what I can tell controls are not responding hence I cannot hear myself fire a weapon (in Counter-Strike) all I can hear is like background noise like ambience.

    I fixed this problem for him a while ago by downloading a previous beta version of the RADEON drivers from the ATI website, but those drivers are no longer hosted there.

    If anyone knows a fix for this problem, can they please post a fix or the information I need to repair this problem.

    Thanks... tHe KuMdOwN kInG! :eek:
  2. musixdude

    musixdude TS Rookie

    Same thing happeend to me...

    I had this same issue a few days ago. I downed new drivers, directx, format, tested power, heat, etc. Nothing worked, this only happens in Direct X games, not Windows apps explorer, word anything. I formatted my drive thinking it may be a virus, then I found this.

    Try this before doing anythign else.
  3. KuMdOwN kInG

    KuMdOwN kInG TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem Solved

    Thanks for the reply dude, but I have already worked out the problem. After reading heapds of threads in forums reguarding the same problem I worked out that alot of the games made today dont support 8x AGP. All I had to do was turn the AGPx down to 4x and everything began to run fine. It was a setting in my mates BIOS. It had nothing to do with the drivers or anything software related. Thanks for the help.


    KuMdOwN kInG! (Respect!)
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