ati radeon 9800 pro artifacts

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Oct 11, 2006
  1. Just a long shot but i recently got a couple of ati radeon pro 9800`s from ebay "untested - pulled from customer returned PC`s" for around £20. When they arrived i got the feeling i should have just spent £30 on one known working card! One was physically battered, cuts and scratches, missing smd resistors and capacitors etc. but the other looks perfect and otherwise seemed fine. The battered one, no chance, didnt even try, but the seemingly fine one booted up with lots of lines down the screen, worse in windows. So i took it out and inspected it to notice a single missing smd cap which i then replaced taking one from the battered card.
    Plugged back in and all seemed fine until windows desktop loaded. A few stripes to start with and after installing latest drivers things just got worse!
    After lots of fiddling the best i can get is a light snowy layer over an other wise fine picture. The card physically looks fine with no damage and works only slightly better with the missing cap resoldered. My thoughts are that someone has tried to OC these and failed?
    PLEASE someone tell me that this is fixable, somehow, someway, there must be a someone or a link to some site somewhere that may help. I tried looking at OC forums to find commen probs with hard modding but ??? I dont understand it much but am very good w./soldering iron, have spares and can follow instructinos! I read somewhere that it may be an se card flashed to a pro but with defective pipelines and flashing it back may fix the problem????
  2. salviablue

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    Any way of removing ati radeon 9800 pro artifacts?

    Are there any ways of removing artifacts from an Ati radeon 9800 pro?
  3. MetalX

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    Well, if you use rivatuner you can deactivate a quad of pixelpipes. That should make the card stable but at the same time, the card will become basically an overclocked Radeon 9200 (very crappy).

    NFSFAN TS Rookie Posts: 245

    Post pics of your card and I can help you. I have soldered mods on RADEON 9800 series cards
  5. salviablue

    salviablue TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Removing artifacts from radeon 9800 pro

    Cheers guys, i`ll post some pics soon (as soon as my camera is back from repairs!) and i`ll try the rivatune in the mean time!
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