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By Vandal ยท 30 replies
Mar 18, 2006
  1. I just purchased this card and am having no luck with it's install. It is a 8x/4x AGP. I followed the instructions and uninstalled my video drivers (ATI All In Wonder 32mb) and turned the unit off, installed the hardware and regardless of whether I connect by digital or analog the pc doesn't boot. After about a minute or so the bios opens at a screen where it is asking me to select the speed of my motherboard processor. It is a (ASUS P4S333 4x AGP ) 1.7 which I select and it just repeats that process after I save and close bios. One other twist. If I use digital cable the screen does state the analog signal is missing. If I use analog cable it states I am missing the digital signal. The monitor is a SyncMaster 930B. Hopefully I have used the correct terminology in this post. I am not a rocket scientist on these matters. By the way I am running XP. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am back on the All In Wonder card right now.

    Thank you
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,155   +458

    Did you get the one made by ATI or one of their partners. If you got the one made by ATI itself, there is an additional power connector you need to connect to the power supply. Is it connected?
  3. Vandal

    Vandal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It is made by ATI, and yes it doe have a power connector, I connected it and it seems to be getting power because the fan on the card is powered up.

    Any other ideas? Thank you
  4. kirock

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    Sounds like your PSU can't handle the new card, try disconnecting everything you don't need to boot (dvd, cd, 2nd HDD etc.)
  5. Vandal

    Vandal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried disabling 2nd HD but the PC wanted a system disk to boot from. So I thought maybe that was my primary drive but then it wouldn't do anything without that one. So before I get into that mystery more. Please give me your thought on this:

    Under Power in the bios it is being reported (with my All In Wonder installed, not the new one)

    VCore 1.74v
    +3.3v is at 3.00 to 3.02
    +5v is at 4.99 to 5.02
    +12v is at 11.52

    A) is there anything wrong with that picture?
    B) with the floppy power disconnected the +3.3v power is at a red 2.99v


    And I suppose I should see what the voltages look like with the new card installed?
  6. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    The 5 and 3.3V rails are used for the electronics on the mobo and other cards. The 12V is used by motors and fans. Your 12V at 11.5 shows a little stress on that line and the 2.99V on the 3.3V is definately stressed. (this is 10%, which is the limit, thus the RED display). I would think when the new video card goes in this 3.3V would drop even farther.

    Probably time to buy a new PSU. What make is this/how old?
  7. Bob0558

    Bob0558 TS Rookie

    Vandal, are you sure that your card has a seperate power connector on the card for power from the PSU? I posted a problem with the same card yesterday except mine is a PCIE and it does not have the power connector.
  8. Vandal

    Vandal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'll answer both questions on this reply.

    It is either a 250 or 300 watt psu, I bought it in an Acer tower. The part number on the side of the psu actually references that it is an Acer case and could have had either psu. It is about 4-5 years old. PC always on.

    Positive on the power connector being there although the cooling fan on the vid board runs without it being connected. It has a connector like the power connector on the floppy, whatever that is called. And it says AGP on the box which I understand requires the power connection.

    Thanks for the continued support.
  9. Bob0558

    Bob0558 TS Rookie

    I would recommend a new PSU, the card recommends at least a 350W PSU. My card does not have the power connector, maqybe it is required on the AGP card and not the PCI?
  10. Vandal

    Vandal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It has been a busy day. First I will tell you I did have a 300w psu. I know because I was able to see the rating when I removed it to install the 500w I purchased. I was hoping somehow it was the root of the evil. It was not although the 3.3v is now in line. Now what you don't know is that before I removed the old psu I just had to try the new ATI card one more time and when I tried to boot it up instead of my bios opening and wanting me to select the speed of my processor it just audibly announced or at least I think it is saying "cpu power something". So anyway I am thinking the card has a problem for sure. I returned it and picked up a GeForce 6200oc (no external pwr connector). Same thing with the "cpu power something".

    So I guess I have done something to something. Although here I am using the All In Wonder AGP card. In the bios I have AGP 4x selected. I think I should stick to flying my rc sailplanes. At least I can solve their problems.

    Thanks you guys

    Oh by the way, this all started because I wanted to run a 30 dollar flying game. Let's see, 160 for the video card, 80 for the psu. It's like fishing, $120 pound.
  11. Bob0558

    Bob0558 TS Rookie

    How old is your motherboard? I have been told that alot of the newer PSU's have different connectors than they used to, something with a special 4 pin connector (I know what it is I just do not know what the correct term for it is)
  12. Vandal

    Vandal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Bob, it can't be older than 5 but probably closer to 4 years old. The only connectors that plug into the mobo is a 4 pin (square looking) and a 20 pin flat connector. I think I am good there. Everything is working as it should except these new boards. What would be the big differences between the two AGP cards? ATI AIW Rage Pro 32mb and these two I have tried. The size of the memory and the fact that the memory is DDR II on the first one and DDR on the second. Can you think of anything in bios that could be set wrong? I do not have on board video so there is no conflict there.


  13. Bob0558

    Bob0558 TS Rookie


    I do not think that there is anything wrong with your BIOS because it works fine with your old card. Did you read my posting concerning my X1300PRO PCIE? I had it for a week and replaced it with the GeForce and it is a much better card in my opinion, I had nothing but trouble with the ATI.
  14. Vandal

    Vandal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I did Bob. I am going to coast on this for a few days. Have to many other duties the next couple of days to mess with it. besides, it has me to the point of being a match head......burnt out.
  15. Deiter

    Deiter TS Rookie

    I've been having trouble with the same card, though my problems have been along the lines of blue screens of death. It works fine as long as the driver isn't actually installed (though it does not run the games, of course, and the refresh rate is laughable), but when i try to run games, i get random bsod's (mainly running Oblivion, also a few random glitches where the screen will freeze, then the game will run in the background, though the screen stays frozen, a quick minimize and restore fixes that), and occasionally it will simply crash in Windows. I'm using Windows XP SP4 (i think that is the sp i am using), the card is exactly as Vandal described, and my other specs include a ASUS A7V400-MX mobo, AMD Athlon XP 2500+ w/ Barton core (need to overclock), and 1 gb of DDR RAM. I have a 480 Watt PSU, so that is definitely not the problem.
  16. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Vandel started with the ATI X1300Pro, but ended with the GeF6200, so which card do you have? Second, don't be so sure you've got the PSU ruled out. What make/model is it? Check my specs in my sig. I blew up (literally smoke poured out the back of) my generic 450W PSU in the first week I owned this rig. Right in the middle of a HL2 session. Fortunately I didn't damage anything. I now have an OZCModstream 450W, sweet unit.

    Vandel prob fixed his prob he wasn't posted back. I don't like when ppl don't post back the solution or at least say a thank you for the effort etc.

    To your problem: Is this a recent/new video card upgrade?
    1) BSODs is common symptom of underpowered rig. Hint: Works when no drivers are installed. This is because the generic VGA drivers don't work the vid card any where near it's capacity. Thus the vid card does NOT draw much extra power for the PSU.
    2) It may be a driver issue. Do have your mobo chipset drivers up to date? The northbridge chipset. This is important.

    Oh and WinXP is at SP2 release.

  17. Deiter

    Deiter TS Rookie

    I'm honestly not sure about the drivers, I haven't been able to find any for my current motherboard, but it's been a year since I got it, and as far as I knew, the FSB (i believe that is the speed unit) is fast enough to support the card. And it has 8x AGP, so that is not the issue. I'm pretty sure it's been a driver conflict, since most of the BSOD's have mentioned a dll associated with the drivers (ati2dvag, i believe). I'm wondering if I should just go return it in favor of an nVidia?
  18. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    After a year, good luck returning it, but that's your call. You didn't mention if updated or looked for available updates for your mobo chipset drivers. without the lastest mobo drivers often conflicts happen with the lastest video drivers.
    The ATI catylist drivers for that card should be mature and bug free. I would suggest you go here and download the VIA4 chipset driver package:
    VIA 4 in 1 driver Package Service V4.51 for Windows NT4.0/98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003 This is the forth one from the top, just after the ethernet driver package.

    Install that and then install the catylist driver again and see how that goes.
  19. Deiter

    Deiter TS Rookie

    I'm going to grab those drivers and see how it goes, and by returning, I meant the video card itself. I only got it about 2 days ago from a Best Buy. ;P
  20. Deiter

    Deiter TS Rookie

    Can you give me a more specific link for the driver? I don't see it on the list you linked.
  21. Deiter

    Deiter TS Rookie

    I just tried reinstalling the drivers from the CD, and got a BSOD upon startup. It mentioned "ati2dvag.dll" and was a stop error of 0x00000050. I'm still wondering if I should just go get an nVidia card (especially since Best Buy opens here in about an hour and a half).
  22. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Ok sorry I didn't try the link myself till now but it didn't drill into the page I was on, strange.
    Can I suggest you do it manually then. Near the top right is the search engine. select Motherboard 1st, then select Series Socket A, then on the last find and select your A7V400-MX. when that page shows up, click on the driver tab.
    The driver package is the VIA4, the forth one down. Click on the country that best fits you (USA?) It automatically starts the download for me so I can't drill in any further. In description is: VIA 4 in 1 driver Package Service V4.51 for Windows NT4.0/98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003 and the Version is 4.51

    I'm assuming my reposting of the link still won't so therefore the above details.
    But here goes just incase.

  23. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Right I forgot about the video card being only 2 days old, I misunderstood you before. Well I am partial to the nVidia cards and fined the drivers a stable and never had a bug.

    But maybe giving the mobo driver update a shot anyways to see if it helps. I would suggest you do this either way, ATI or nVidia video card.
    Have you downloaded the catylist drivers from ATI website? I don't recommend using the CD drivers that came with the card. These are always out of date anyways. Even nVidia does the same. By the time you buy the card etc, they moved on to newer drivers. Unless it's something like the 7900GTX which just came on the store shelves.
  24. Deiter

    Deiter TS Rookie

    I just installed the mobo drivers, and got the same bsod on startup. I've installed the catalyst drivers from 3 different locations, the cd, their site, and then the Omega drivers. I got the error "ati2dvag.dll" with the message PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.
  25. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Screw it, I might just take back that card for yeah. :) I don't understand what the prob is with that driver. It's definately the driver at fault. I don't know what else to recommend for now, I'll give it some more thought.
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