ATI Radeon X1650XT vs. Nvidia GeForce 7600GT

Julio Franco

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The next generation of mid-range graphics cards are just around the corner, so should you even consider purchasing a GeForce 7600GT or Radeon X1650XT graphics card? Currently the average 7600GT costs just $130, while the X1650XT is closer to $150. At these prices both present very affordable upgrade solutions, and while we can not predict the future something tells us that we won't see DirectX10 cards this affordable until at least the end of next year.

Given the fact that both products can run the majority of new games at 1600x1200 with maximum in-game quality settings enabled, there is no real reason why you should ignore them in the hope that the next generation mainstream contenders will be much more powerful.

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Great read I really enjoyed it thanks guys! The only suggestion I have would be to include a comparison of these two cards using SLI and CrossFire if you can.